Hollywood Jackets Are Safe From COVID-19

One of the most ongoing issue that the world is facing at this moment is the pandemic issue of Corona Virus known as the Covid-19. This particular virus has caused a mode of crisis and chaos all over the world. Corona Virus started from the city of China known as Wuhan and has spread all over the world. The world is facing serious crisis and danger from the virus. The spread of Corona virus is all over the world. The World Health Organization is looking into the matter and trying their best to stop the spread of this virus.

The WHO has recommended people to avoid social gatherings and to maintain social distancing. This has caused people to create a chaos and has generated a huge declines in the shopping malls and stores. Since, it is recommended to stay away from crowded areas, people are helpless and are forced to buy groceries online from their houses. Along with groceries, people are buying other necessities and clothes online from websites like Hollywood Jackets. This chaos has disrupted the supply chain. The retail stores and outlets have limited their time and few of these retail shops are already closed down.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended some precautionary measures for everyone. As a matter of concern for everyone, here are some commonly asked questions and confusions about Corona Virus and how to prevent it from happening to us.

Frequently Asked Questions For COVID-19

1. Can someone get this virus from ordering online packages?

People are concerned that the virus would stick on the packages and reach your houses, well this is not true. Experts say that it is highly unlikely to get corona virus to be transmitted like this. So, don’t worry and order your stuff online.

2. Do we ship China products?

We do not ship items that are manufactured or even shipped through China. Our distribution centers are in the UK, US and Pakistan which is safe to order from. According to sources, there is no such case which is said to transmit Covid-19 through imported goods. There are no such cases reported in the US, UK or Pakistan.

3. Are we taking precautionary measures?

Well, of course. Like any good organization, our primary concern is the safety of our customers. We would take serious actions if any unwanted case comes up but until then, we are following all the precautionary measures to make sure that our customers are highly satisfied and safe from our side. Your experience on our website would be safe and sound since we are providing precautionary equipment like gloves, masks and sanitizers to the workers who are there to manufacture your products and even people who are responsible for the packaging and shipment of your products.

On the other hand, to be safe and sure, we are making sure to test every employee and ensure that they are in good health. We are monitoring each and every employee and tracking their health to ensure safety and security. If we notice any symptoms of Covid-19 in our employees, we will ensure testing of the virus and placing them in quarantine.

4. Will this chaos cause any delay in shipment of orders?

Our efforts would be to ensure timed delivery of your products but as we all know, the chaos going around in this world has disturbed the entire economy and organizations. We will try our best to ensure that your orders are in stock and will try to deliver them on time without any strikes.


In this time of chaos, we need to stay precautious and safe. As per the WHO and their recommendations, we also advise you to stay away from crowds, maintain social distancing, wash your hands with soaps, clean your hands with sanitizers and avoid touching your face with your hands. We hope you stay safe and let us all be strong in this time of chaos in the world.