HJackets treats the clients with utmost respect, this is the reason why the information they give is considered as confidential. We only use it for the purpose storing it in our database and we do not share or sell, the personal information of our customers.


Our priority is to ensure that the data of the customer is secure and safe. For this purpose, HJackets makes use of SSL layer for order processing. Therefore, we make use of information available on credit card for the purpose checking the credentials. This is only to make sure that the information given to us is correct and secure. The data provided to us by the customer is only kept till the time the customer wants to remove it. It is our guarantee that the data given to us is not lent, sold, leased, or shared, keeping in mind the regulations of the international law.


The information we store

HJackets gathers the information of the client browsing our website. If you are a new customer, you have to provide credentials that comprise of Initial Name, Last Name, Telephone Number, Email, and Fax details.  Still, if you want to browse without going through the recommended procedure of creating an account, you can also have a facility of doing so. However, if you want to purchase the product, creating an account is mandatory for one and all. The data you provide to us is termed as confidential and we respect it.


Product Purchase Criteria

If you plan to buy the products from H Jackets, you have to make sure that you provide us the email, home address, and the contact number. Though, your credit card information is not stored, however, it is collected for the purpose of shipping and processing. You can change or remove the credentials provided by you, by going to your account.


Services Account Information

H Jackets prioritizes the information of the customer and hence we only store the data of those, who are ready to use our services. If you are a member, all you need is email or password or else create an account if you are willing to avail the services.



Services Account Information

When you first visit H Jackets, a small text file called as cookie is stored. It is to make sure that the experience of the shopping is enhanced and customized. Nevertheless, our website can also be browsed without cookies, however, the advantages won’t be the same regarding the purchase as with the recommended option.