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High School Musical Collection

High School Musical was one of the reasons we used to switch on our televisions. There is a whole different generation who watched this show. It was one of the best fantasy and relatable shows at the same time for the audience. The characters of High School Musical would always stay close to our hearts. The initial date of release of High School Musical was 20th of January 2006. The original network of this show was Disney which exactly knew the demands and desires of the audience.

The plot of this television series revolved around a bunch of high school students, especially two of them who got out of their worlds and secretly auditioned for the high school’s musical. This decision turned their worlds upside down and what they never expected to happen, happened to them.

Apart from the amazing characters, incredible storyline and amazing songs, one more thing that the audience always loved about this show was the attire of the entire cast. Their attire was always so on point and beautiful that we all, at one point, have wished to dress up like them when we get to our high schools.

Our category comprises of the exact replicas of the attire of the High School Musical characters. You can now avail these attires and dress up exactly like them, the way we always wanted to. You can now wear these attire and show your love and affection to the incredible characters who brightened up our childhood and created these amazing memories.

Joshua Bassett, who played the role of Rickey in High School Musical has always been one of the favorites of the audience due to his cute looks, amazing performance and breathtaking attire. The High School Musical Ricky Jacket has been one of the highlights of the show. This particular jacket is made-up of cotton denim along with inner shearling lining. It has a shearling fur collar along with buttoned fastening for the front closure of the jacket. There are flap pockets on the front chest and waist of the jacket. It consist of rib knit cuffs and comes in a cool denim styled blue color.

Another EJ Bomber Jacket has been in fashion since the character wore it in High School Musical. This jacket is made up of a wool blend along with soft inner viscose lining. It has a rib-knit collar along with snap fastening for the front closure of the jacket. The jacket consist of rib knit cuffs and rib-knit hemline. There are two pockets on the front waist side of the jacket. It comes in a combination of red and white color.

The High School Musical Ricky Hoodie became very popular after the character wore it. It is made up of cotton fleece along with inner viscose lignin. It has a hood attached to the collar and a pullover style. It consists of rib knit cuffs and a front pouch on the jacket. It comes in three shades of brown.