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One of the biggest intergalactic occasions when it comes to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. One of the masterworks created by the American Comic Books publisher – Marvel Comics. The GotG comic books gained wide praises by the reading audiences due to the in-depth storytelling as well as characters. First published in Comics in Jan 1969, it reached the cinematic world in the year 2014 with its part 1, which become a chartbuster success. The Film Jackets revolves around characters ranging from humans to animals to aliens, making it a genius writing for the movies. The mind-engaging concept of the cosmic world reached to new heights with a human-alien hero along with other members coming from other backgrounds. What joins them together is the bond of trust and loyalty towards the same cause of vengeance against their common enemy.

In the very beginning, the human-alien baby aka Peter Quill was taken by the ravagers, but who knew that he is to come the future Star Lord. One of the biggest surprises in the GotG franchise is that sometimes your biggest of enemies becomes your dearest of friends. Star Lord unites with the orphan Gamora, the redemption-mover Drax the Destroyer, good Ravager Yondu, cyber-genetic Rocket Racoon, and the tree-like humanoid Groot.  The acquaintance of Star Lord with rest of the main crew of the Guardians Universe deepened eventually and soon they became an inevitable team to be defeated. Fighting for the Orb’s power in the first movie was just the beginning of the excitement of the Space world. We can bet that the planetary world will become more splendidly spacious with its second installment coming soon. To all the GotG fans, keep your fingers crossed for the epicness to prevail.

The journeying of these Guardians soon established strong grounds in the interstellar world, letting them fight crimes and evil with a hell of a fun. To be honest, this is one of the biggest surprises of the GotG’s film franchise. The sarcastic soup-scoop within the galactic world is simply mind-boggling and rib-tickling at the same time.


Star Lord Peter Quill’s entrance as the Guardian

When it comes the Space world for the silver screen domain, leaving Star Lord Peter Quill is just a big ‘error’ to be exact. The character of Star Lord was intelligently created by Steve Englehart who seems to be deeply captivated by the Quill’s idea fascination to the least bit.

Star Lord Peter Quill portrayed by Chris Pratt in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy has become a ‘big character chartbuster.’ Star Lord has gained huge popularity when it comes to the interplanetary world of Hollywood movies. The man in red has become everybody’s favorite when it comes to fight aliens and other horrific creatures in the vast cosmos dimensions. Peter Quill become the Star Lord merely because of ancestry heritage. The Star Lord is profoundly powerful with both his hands and mind. Likewise, he achieved his Star Lord claim-support by all the other Guardians, as they knew that he is the rightful bearer of the mighty throne.

The journey of Star Lord isn’t so easy amid the fact that Star Lord reached skylimits of fame among other Guardians. It was all due to his friendly nature, righteousness, and justice towards the other crew members of the Guardians.

Moreover, the Star Lord Quill is one of the ‘human-alien being advancements’ when it comes to learning from the space world. Being captured by the Ravagers doesn’t harmed him at all, rather he learned many skills and know-how of how the universal politics work. Star Lord took Yondu as a safeguard among other of his kind, as he realized that Quill is a justified fighter rather than just being an orb robber. Soonafter, teaming up with other outlandish legendary fighters – Gamora, Drax, Racoon, and the adorable mini-tree Groot. But who knew that Star Lord’s going to begin a ‘candlelight charm’ with the alien orphan Gamora.


 Star Lord’s Star-gaze Romance with Gamora

Star Lord is a bit adventurous and what he likes in his leisure time is only adventure. Nothing could hold onto the gallops when it comes to travelling the boundless space, as he is always upto something. Apart from being a cosmic cowboy, he also seeks some pleasure in romance when the enemies are at least not near.

Peter Quill might be everybody’s want-to-be-like-him dream, but Star Lord just ignores the personage admiration of his. For the one and only evergreen fairlady – Gamora. We have witnessed that most of the times during the encounter of Star Lord with Gamora during the fights, sharing words of raging romance between the two. To be precise, the intergalactic fights with lighter notes of loyalty and love what makes the Guardians crew a lot different. Apart from being brave and bold, they hilariously put on their statements against each other. On the whole, Quill-Gamora relationship is most likely a karma-orbiting one, meeting up closely together on most of the precious moments of battle deliverance. In simpler words, their relationship deepens along with the celestial ventures  and dedications they execute together.


 Yondu - the Ravager teams with Star Lord Quill

Star Lord Peter Quill and Yondu is without a doubt one of the key team-up when it comes to the duo-dedication against all alien and other galactic specimens. Yondu is supposedly a paternal figure to Star Lord due to his youth age nourishing and combative. The fact that Star Lord betrayed his father-like friend amid stealing the orb from the Ravage premises. Yondu, ordering an arrest of Star Lord with a bounty on his head, but soon becoming one of his closest friends. This is one of the most strangest things that’ve happened in the Guardians franchise, not even in a light year time someone could’ve thought of this. Apart from genetic and cultural differences, Yondu-Quill pair is the maximum distress-defeat effect onto the enemies.


Yondu, the blue colored spiky haired alien is capable to socialize with all life forms of the universe. In other words, Yondu is always up to the mark when it comes to fight for a just cause. SImilarly, Star Lord is mostly guided by the Ravager’s head to deploy his brains at the right locations in the interstellar terrains. End result, without Yondu, Star Lord might’d ended becoming a space scavenger. Like we all know, everything happens for a reason. Isn’t it so?


star lord cosplay

Definitely the attire appeals from the 2014 Guardians films are totally out of this world. The designs, the patterns, the elements instilled on the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Jacket and Coats. The subtle space badges are also deep-seated on the cosmic clothings with the finest touches, making them eye-captivatingly spectacular. The apparels ranging from the reddish maroon Star Lord 2 Coat to the Quill’s Jacket are magnificently exceptional.


Guardians glamorous new wears for Vol. 2

Ending to the 2014 Guardians movie rightly marked the birth of another epic installment to the GotG franchise. Furthermore, the Vol. 2 has been doing well with the Guardians of the Galaxy Outfits as well. We are witnessing some of the remarkable restorations performed on Star Lord suits, Gamora apparels, as well as on other steel-cladded body covers. Comprehensively, the cosmic clothings have just got bigger and better overtime.


Undoubtedly, the Galaxy of the Guardians wardrobe wears have grew immensely in both popularity and elegance prospect. The journeying of the Guardians leave no places unmarked with their star-gaze body ensembles. From the GotG film to the GotG Vol. 2, the Guardians have been improvising with their overall character conduct. Playing colossally big with their battle plans and Guardians costumes as well.

The ending of the Galaxy of the Guardians is just a phrase – never seen an ending to space travel and time. For this sole reason, we are deeply enthralled by the whole loads of the Guardians franchise to come up with. Who knows that after Vol. 2 there might be some more extra-ordinary intergalactic comebacks, making Star Lord and crew to go larger-than-life once again as usual. End note, the gallant Guardians are quite some exciting space-exploring maniacs. Always willing to find  a new clue for an adventure, the cosmic-classy Guardians are simply a rare species.