Woody Toy Story 4 Costume Cosplay DIY Guide


To all the people who’ve been waiting for the sequel of Toy Story 3, this is a shout out for you to cherish the moment because Toy Story 4 has just been released! Toy Story 4 is an animated comedy movie by Pixar Animation Studios. The super hit series of Toy Story has made this fourth installment come true.

Since 1995, the love and affection that Toy Story has gained from the fans are immensely unbelievable. The movie comprises of the affection that Andy holds for his toys. We are sure that you also had your favorite toy in your childhood, some of you might hold the affection till today. The movie continues the prequel Toy Story 3, which ended up by showing the gesture of Andy, by giving his toys to Bonnie. A new made up toy has been introduced in Toy Story 4, a spork named Forky, who accompanies Woody and his gang on an adventurous road trip.

Even today, Woody is the best cow boy character that has ever been pictured in the animation world. Not only kids but adults too, hold great affection for Woody and the gang. The movie has given life to toys and has created a spark of magic for the audience to adore. Sheriff Woody, who’s a voice is done by Tom Hanks, has been an adventurous personality, holding all his friends Buzz, Jessie, Ham, and the gang altogether through thick and thin. The character is adored because of its lively personality, the fearless behavior and its astounding attire. You can now get hands on the same apparel with every particular accessory right away.

While imitating the character of a cowboy, the first thing that comes to our mind is a classic brown cowboy hat. Woody the cowboy has carried a unique and perfect image of The old Wild West toy-ish incarnation in the animated world. The brown hat has a neat detailing all over and is the officially licensed merchandise.

An elastic sweatband is wrapped around the top in black, to give you the fearless look. The hat is made of faux-suede, focusing on the shape and look of a real cowboy’s hat.

Sheriff Woody’s Hat (Product Page)

Woody the cowboy has been dressed up in an immense manner, showcasing the reflection of an actual cowboy. Woody has a red bandana wrapped around his neck, complimenting the attire that he carries. Get your hands on this red bandana made up of 100% cotton. The bandana has a paisley printed front and back.

You can now go to a theme party while wearing this cosplay bandana and imitate the look that Woody showcased in Toy Story 4.

Sheriff Woody’s red bandana (Product Page)

Sheriff Woody’s red bandana classic red and yellow check shirt is now available for you to get your hands on. The shirt has a fabric of 100% polyester. The cuffs are buttoned giving the same look that Woody has in Toy Story 4. This shirt is about to transform your personality into a charming fearless cowboy.

Sheriff Woody’s Shirt (Product Page)

Sheriff Woody has been dressed up in an iconic manner in the Toy Story series. The red and yellow checked shirt is complemented with a white and black vest. This sleeveless vest gives the exact look, resembling Sherriff Woody and his personality.

The vest is suede with cotton material and has a body to fit a structure. Get yours now!

Sheriff Woody’s Iconic Vest (Product Page)

As Woody has been portraying the character in a fearless manner, the badge of Sherriff compliments his attire. The metal badge, embossed with the text ‘Sherriff’ enhances the charm of his personality.

The badge has a weight of 0.4 oz. and size of 2.6’’x2.6’’. The gold colored metal badge is shaped like a star, with a sturdy pin back. Hold onto this badge and shows your friends how furious temperament you have.

Woody’s Sherriff Badge (Product Page)

Woody wears a blue fit to body jeans along with his classic shirt and vest. The jeans enhance the look of the character due to its arcade stitching. The jean is 100% cotton and has a button closure.

The jean has a fitting at the waist area and stretchable regular fit from thighs. Complete the Woody attire with this blue fitted jean.

Sheriff Woody’s Blue Jeans (Product Page)

Since the toy is dressed up with the official costume of a cowboy; a leather belt strap is a must to have. Woody has a leather belt strap among his waist all the time, giving the perfect cowboy look. The belt is made of genuine leather and is 1.5 inches wide. It allows having interchangeable buckles.

Sheriff Woody’s Leather Belt Strap (Product Page)

The leather belt is fashioned with a gold bull buckle, showcasing the masculinity that a cowboy withholds. The buckle has a weight of 4 oz. and is made of metal. This will easily fit your leather belt strap and enhance your cowboy look to the fullest.

Sheriff Woody’s Bull Belt Buckle (Product Page)

For a cowboy, his belt and holster give him the fearless look that he wants to carry around. Grab this cowboy gun belt and holster in classic brown color to praise your personality as a cowboy. The belt and holster are made of genuine leather, with double stitching for the holster. The holster can equip a 6 ½ gun barrel length. Give yourself the feel of a real cowboy!

Sheriff Woody’s Belt and Holster (Product Page)

Have you ever seen a cowboy without the cowboy boots? Nah! Because this is what gives you that spooky walk. Get your hands on these cowboy boots in brown color and complete your outfit as Sherriff Woody from Toy Story 4.

The boots are composed of genuine leather with a synthetic sole. The medium sized heel is going to make the perfect mysterious sound as you walk into a room.

Sheriff Woody’s Cowboy Boots (Product Page)

Along with the cowboy boots, these spurs are about to outshine your personality as a cowboy. These spurs are made up of metal in silver color, accompanied with black buttons on the strap. Dress up with this complete package of particulars to enhance the look of Woody the cowboy from Toy Story 4.

Sheriff Woody’s Cowboy Spurs (Product Page)

‘There’s a snake in my boot!” – says Woody as you pull the string at this back. Get this black rubber snake and prank your friends with it. It’s lightweight and easy to hide in your pocket, as to shock your friends in a sudden manner.

Sheriff Woody’s Fake Plastic Snake (Product Page)

Woody the cowboy from the Toy Story series has set up realistic goals for us; whether it be about the friendship goals or fashion goals. As the West World gallantry gentleman, no one has been able to beat the attire that Woody has carried out ever since the starting of the Toy Story films. As amazing the three prequels have been, we’re sure that Toy Story 4 would be even better than its predecessors. So, to all the fans of this classic cowboy, be prepared to experience some real adventure as Toy Story 4 has come out, you must now grab your Woody Toy Story 4 Coplay costume and get ready for an adventurous experience.