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Transform Your Appearance As Wonder Woman 1984 Costume

There was a time when people believed that only men can fill the position of superheroes. DC Comics has always introduced their audience with the best and strong characters that proved to be iconic superheroes and idolized personalities for the fans. But DC Comics ensured to prove, that women hold the same capabilities, as men. Wonder Woman – the fictional superheroine, who won over a million hearts and stood up along with the male superheroes. She is the woman, on whom people believe in. The character of Wonder Woman drew inspiration for every woman out there.

The origin of Wonder Woman was portrayed as she was sculpted by her mother, from clay. She was given the gift of life and was allowed to live in Amazon, with the superhuman powers as gifts by the Greek Gods. Later on, her original depiction has been altered and she has been losing her powers entirely by the 1960s. The character of Wonder Woman is an inspirational one for young girls and women. On the screen, she carries the dual personality of Diana Prince and Wonder Woman. She is defined as a strong and competent character who is strong-willed and doesn’t back off any critical situation. She is always up for a fight or challenge which threatens humanity. She is a lover of peace and never initiates a fight or a conflict. As powerful and determined Wonder Woman is, along with her powerful capabilities, training, and experiences of centuries – she is competent enough to fight against any superhero or villain. She is a warrior. As highly compassionate and determined she is, she can be naïve and innocent at times, which defines the purity of her character. Her character is also emotional, as she is a firm believer in love, compassion, and empathy. She is a nurturer of humanity with an overwhelming belief in love.

Along with the classic representation of a strong and independent character, Wonder Woman is also adored for the way she holds her personality. Be it the way she fights against evil, protects humanity or carries herself. As a fan of Wonder Woman, you know what I’m talking about. Be it Diana or Wonder Woman, the woman knows how to flaunt away with her costume. Her costume as Wonder Woman is surely appealing and breathtaking. The gorgeous character of Wonder Woman is embraced with beauty and competence with the costume that she is attired with. The costume that she is attired with on the screen, is similar to her Marston costume. She is dressed up in a vest and a skirt, with the color combination of maroon, blue and yellow highlights. She carries a sword and a shield that has a completely new origin. As she was given her powers back and she returned to her title of Wonder Woman, she came back to her traditional costume of a superhero and slew in it. Her attire is attractive and surely every girl has a crush over it.

Gal Gadot / Diana / Wonder Woman in Justice League – was one of the apprehensive characters that the audience loved to watch on the screen. She is an antiquities dealer, an acquaintance of Batman (Bruce Wayne), and an immortal Amazonian warrior. The crown princess of Themyscira and daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. She is empowered with metahuman attributes and abilities which she originally inherited from her parents. Wonder woman has been an action figure in Justice League, where she stood up to fight against evil and protect humanity. She showed her compassion for justice and people of the town.

Gal Gadot / Diana in Wonder Woman – the immortal Amazonian warrior and goddess have given Amazon a raise as being the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. Wonder Woman is described as a compassionate woman with a heart filled with love. She is portrayed as a strong and competent woman in the movie. She stands for what is right and for everything that she symbolizes. Diana has a quite fair of opinion, which falls upon agreeing on the gender difference and how women are not equal to men.

The fictional character of Wonder Woman is an inspiration for every woman who stands for humanity. She has a firm belief in love and empathy, which makes her competent enough to stand for what she believes in. As she is a warrior born and stands for what is right. She is a woman with superhuman strength, which makes her as strong as Earth and stronger than Hercules. Girl power has been empowered with the character of Wonder Woman. She is granted with superhuman speed, which makes her fast enough to keep her pace with the Flash. Along with strength and speed, she is empowered with flight, reflexes, and stamina. She has a loving heart and gorgeous beauty. With her bracelets, she knows how to emit a devastating magic lightning attack. She is an entire package of beauty and brains. She carries her character with a gorgeous portrayal. Her attire is another attraction of her personality. With that gorgeous vest and skirt, embedded with belts and weapons – she makes herself look better on the screen. Her boots, gloves, cuffs, and tiara; defines her character as competent as she is. Check out the details of Wonder Woman Costume :


Wonder Woman Costume

To imitate the personality of an immortal Amazon warrior goddess, you can grab onto this iconic costume that Wonder Woman has been attired within Justice League. The costume is made of PU leather. It comprises of a vest and a skirt, fashioned with a belt. The color combination of maroon and navy blue is a perfect replica of the original one.


Wonder Woman Jacket

The jacket is inspired by the look that Adrianne Palicki was attired within Wonder Woman, an unaired television pilot. The jacket is made of genuine leather / faux leather with a soft viscose lining on the inner side. The jacket is available in maroon with the Wonder Woman logo at the front. The blue hemline, full sleeves with star patches on biceps, and fine stitching make the attire appealing.

Wonder Woman Logo Style Hoodie

Wonder Woman Hoodie

Who wouldn’t want to grab onto an attire that embraces the fanhood for the divine goddess, Wonder Woman? Get this black hoodie, with the logo of Wonder Woman imprinted at the chest in yellow, to cherish the fandom you hold for Wonder Woman. The combination of polyester and cotton will feel amazing against your skin. The hood is attached with a lace-up closure.

Wonder Woman Cuff and Tiara

Wonder Woman Cuff and Tiara

As to imitate the entire look that Wonder Woman has been carrying on the screen, while serving humanity with her immortality, you must get your hands on the accessories that complete her look. The Wonder Woman cuffs and tiara is what you need to add to your outfit. The synthetic accessories have a pull-on closure and are inspired by Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Gauntlets

Wonder Woman Gauntlets

How classy would you look, with the costume of Wonder Woman and every essential accessory which is required to replicate her entire look? The gold-colored gauntlets that Wonder Woman has been attired with, are something that you need to have right away. These are made of 100% polyester with a red star imprinted on the wrist.

Wonder Woman Boot Tops

Wonder Woman Boot Tops

As to focus on every detail that her costume held, the boot tops are vital to wear beneath those classy boots. The polyester made boot tops will embrace the look of the footwear and match along with the classy outfit of the divine goddess.

Wonder Woman Cape

Wonder Woman Cape

All superheroes wear capes, don’t they? Get your hands on the classic hot red cape that Wonder Woman has been attired with. The cape is made of polyester and satin. It is accessorized with the logo of Wonder Woman in glitter. The hook and loop closure at the neck will ensure to hold it perfectly.

Wonder Woman Boot

Wonder Woman Boot

As the footwear of superheroes is quite important, due to their rushing moves, the footwear that Wonder Woman has been attired with, are 100% man-made boots. The boots have a rubber sole and offer comfort along with durability.


As a fan of Wonder Woman, who wouldn’t want to grab onto the costume that she has been attired with on the screen, showing her compassionate love for humanity and empathy. We are sure that the above-described costume guide has been helpful to you, as to lean over the costume that she has been carrying in her movies. Every essential accessory is required to be grabbed on, to portray the actual representation of the character. If you are one of a crazy fan of Wonder Woman and appreciates the character that she has been carrying on the screen – then this is a costume that you must get hold onto the right way.