Top Netflix Popular Show Sex Education Jackets You Should Buy


Netflix has given us some astounding TV series and movies; Sex Education is one of the classics. The series has a comedy-drama genre and has been premiered on 11th of January, 2019. The storyline revolves around an innocent teenager, Otis Milburn; whose mother is a sex therapist. The privacy and sexuality issues are quite intense between Otis and his mother. The female main character, Maeve Wiley, convinces Otis to start a sex education business, where Otis can deal with people who want to clear their confusions and sex problems.
The character of Otis Milburn has been portrayed by Asa Butterfield, whereas Emma Mackey has played the role of Maeve Wiley tremendously. The celebrities have not only delivered the characters in an outstanding manner but have certainly given us some serious fashion goals. The apparel that the cast of Sex Education has been attired in, in something to look out for. Precisely, the jackets have been an astounding piece of attire that the TV series has been portraying through the characters. You can now get your hands on the astonishing jackets that have been worn by the talented cast of your favorite TV series.

Sex Education Otis Satin Jacket

As simple and casual the teenager, Otis Milburn has been portrayed in the series; his attire complements the character in a classic manner. The simple satin jacket has been the apparel that Otis has been attired within the series, the jacket has a front button closure along with a stand-up style collar. The jacket has a multicolor look; red, beige and blue. The stripes of multiple colors make the jacket stand out.
The jacket is convenient as well, as there are two pockets on the outer side and two on the inner side. Carry the look that Otis Milburn has been portraying with simplicity in the series, Sex Education.

Sex Education Maeve Wiley Jacket


Maeve Wiley has been a blunt and vibrant character of the series, Sex Education. The character is portrayed as a rebellious-girl archetype. The attitude and confidence of Maeve Wiley are reflected through her outfit. She has been carrying a real leather jacket which defines her beauty in a vibrant manner. The leather jacket has a combination of black and purple, giving the emo kinda look.
The leather jacket is lined with a viscose lining and composes of a front button closure. The open hem cuffs highlight the long sleeves. If you want to carry the same attitude and rebellious look of Maeve Wiley, then do not wait up any longer, and get your hands on this astounding leather jacket right away.

Sex Education Maeve Wiley Black Jacket


Sex Education is a must watch because the series has been a classic comedy-drama along with the cast that is tremendously talented. The outfits that the characters have been carrying around in the series is one of the biggest reasons to watch the show while focusing on the details. Maeve Wiley has been portrayed by Emma Mackey in the classiest manner.
The black leather jacket that the character has been carrying along is lined with a viscose lining and simply goes with the look of her character. The front zip closure gives her the attitude that her character requires. The classic collar with a silver metal button enhances the look of the jacket. Rush now, and grab this astonishing piece of the black leather jacket before it goes out of stock.

Sex Education Adam Groff Jacket

The cast of the series, Sex Education has been geared up with classic outfits. Adam Groff, the bully of the school has given an outstanding performance in the series. The immaturity and impulsiveness of this character is reflected through his outfit and portrayal. The brown leather jacket lined with a viscose lining gives him the look of a mean bully. The jacket has a classic collar and a front zip closure.
Get the funky look of Adam Groff by getting your hands on this brown leather jacket right away.

Sex Education Jackson Marchetti Varsity Jacket


The character of Jackson Marchetti has been portrayed by Kedar Williams. The head-boy of the college has been attired with a classy and subtle look throughout the series. The character has a bold personality and is a competitive swimmer. The maroon colored fleece jacket has given him the look that the character demanded from him. The jacket has been lined with a viscose lining and has a rib-knitted collar. The front button closure enhances the look of the jacket.
Get the look of this swimmer by grabbing this piece of attire, right now!

Sex Education has gained popularity because of the tremendous cast and a comedy story line. Get the astounding jackets that have been portrayed by super talented celebrities in the TV series, Sex Education.