Bold and Solidly Crafted Tomb Raider Complete Costume Guide


Take on the Sturdy Rebellious Tomb Raider Looks With this DIY Guide:

Tomb Raider is a famous fictional character which has got everybody’s attention as earlier as it first appeared in the comics. Being hugely popular with that, it moved along to video games and then after Lara Croft finally appeared on the big screens of Hollywood starring Angelina Jolie in the movie. Her bold aspiring persona is the starring point of her character, as she is a girl who never fears to take on any challenge in life and plays with them quite confidently. Her robust and solid attiring makes her character really very gallant, and that is the same reason she has also been a fine choice for many Cosplay enthusiasts. As many individuals always try to get-up in the same fashion in fancy parties as the Lara Croft does. So we present you the detailed DIY guide below which comprises of all the intrinsic outwears and gadgets of the Lara croft which will help you to get exact meticulous looks like her in the ornamental gatherings.


Wig (Product Page)

These stylish Lara croft hair wig is perfectly made to comply best with your tomb raider Cosplay and to give you the same alluring ornamental looks for which her character is famed for.

Tank Top

Tank Top (Product Page)

Attire on this smart and cool light blue tank top which keeps your personality shrewd and nifty all the time, and fits perfectly with your tomb raider costume to emulate resounding bold looks in the party.

Tomb Raider jacket

Tomb Raider jacket

Bring on the bold sturdy presence in your personality by taking on this exquisite Tomb raider jacket that is precisely manufactured with quality leather material and enthralling fabrication to give you high character inspiration from the rest in the party.

stretchy shorts

Stretchy Shorts (Product Page)

Get attired with this brown summer casual jeans with your exclusive Lara croft avatar, as it gives right imitation of the bold tomb raider character and makes your look stand out among all.

fit belt

Fit Belt (Product Page)

These brown belts are perfectly tailored to give your fancy attiring a voguish look as well as fits right according with any other formal apparel because of its sophisticated supple leather fabrication.

holster belt

Holster Belt (Product Page)

Put on these boldly fashioned Lara croft gun holsters and emulate firm solid styling in the party, as it gives your fancy attiring a resilient look same as the tomb raider astoundingly took on in the game.

airsoft gun

Airsoft Gun (Product Page)

Complete your Lara croft armory with these innovative double Beretta pistols that is built with perfection to give your sturdy personality a more compelling look from the others in the party.


Boot (Product Page)

Grab on these robust brown boots and make your tomb raider styling complete, as its unique laced up fabrication gives the overall attire an elusive resounding touch and dominant styling edge over other fancy geeks.

So the above DIY guide shows the perfect blend of creatively styled outfits and other wearables combined together producing one astounding avatar of Tomb raider, to which many Cosplay enthusiasts are much fond of. As all the unique outwears and innovative gadgets featured above are seamlessly manufactured in a manner that you can rightly imitate the bold styling of Lara croft in the party, and can leave your dominant styling mark over others. So if you are still looking for something astoundingly gallant to take on in next comic con party, then this DIY guide shows you the exact answer of yours, as it comprises with all the entrancing apparels of the great Tomb raider which you will ever need to complete your enthralling bold outlook.