The Complete Guide of Negan Costume From The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead Series has been AMC’s most widely acclaimed successes. When it comes to blood-goring genres, specifically something post-apocalyptic zombie related. One of the biggest reasons that Negan Costume has found a large number of spectators following is showing prolific West America cults and how they deal with each other intelligently. In all the harsh environs, dusty dusk dawns and owl hooting nights, Negan has been one of the most prime survivors due to his cunning and cruel ruling nature. The leader of the saviors that aren’t angelic but demons in human disguise.

“Negan is the man that could belittle a Beetle and could cry over the Devil’s death”

Sure guys reading this Walking Dead Negan Costume know very well that the man who is a one-man politician deciding life and death of people living in the unwanted sustenance situations. A tyrant that has a coldly sarcastic nature and is not bounded by people heartening talks and jokes. Over the years, this man has become the most popular antagonist that travelled from comic pages to television screens.

This Walking Dead Negan Costume is proficiently custom-ready to make you feel like you’re taking control over the vast West wastelands. Assume Negan’s place with his “wife-honored” the baseball bat close to his heart and others heads.

long sleeve bamboo t-shirt

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A perfect blend T-Shirt made from the finest cotton material and accessed with subtle materials of Lycra, Rayon and viscose, A very soft shirt to class you up in sophistication and style. A refined comfy shirt would definitely go comfortably huge with the Walking Dead Negan Costume Season 6 character playing endeavor.

Negan Leather Jacket

Exclusively made to let you feel dead-on like Negan from The Walking Dead TV Series. Constructed on a genuine cowhide to give it the maximum correctness effect to the original jacket as worn by Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the cunning class act of the chartbuster television series. This Negan Walking Dead Jacket is a complete stunner amid assembled with clear-cut specs mirroring it’s first-hand body incarnate. Note: This outfit can also be bargained in fine synthetic leather with same configurations at a low price.

satin square scarf

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Adding to a ‘man up’ disposition, this scarf is made from satin to give you Negan’s bossy look. Try this satin-made scarf to get the original appeal of Walking Dead’s confusedly antagonist  sociopath. Be bravely cool and short-tempered at the same time. Your Negan Season 6 Costume would be feeling amiss if you forget this cloth piece for your people strangling and shoulders.


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These gloves are comfily sturdy and silent when you try to slap someone. Made from quality lamb leather for a delicate hands-in experience. Enhancing your Negan Season 6 Costume with a full-on conviction. Clap up the ‘lost in the air’ puns people made during the misleading trickeries upon you as Negan. Let them feel free to be dead with a Lucille awarding head bang. Gear up the gloves and feel the fully modified Walking Dead antagonist.


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Confounded in the perfect balance of polyester and cotton, these full length pants are comfy to your legs, offering you long-term walks with a restful tendency. These slacks are perfect for your Negan W D Season 6 Costume.


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No doubt, that belt is one of the key factors. When you’re looking for the most appropriate fit to your wear. This reversible belt is firmly made with high quality leather band and closely inserted with a finished nickel buckle. An adaptable waist fasten that’ll be your fitting guide for your other other occasions as well.

baseball bat

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The most heartwarming weapons of all for Negan – ‘Lucille’, the baseball bat he named after his wife. You should carry this single-handedly if you want people to believe you are representing one of the most reckless lunatic. You Negan Walking Dead Costume is absolutely incomplete without this head-thumping barb-spiked prop.


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These leather biker boots are made of high quality synthetic with a persuading fashioned disclosure. The sole is seated in firmly for your rough runs. The main part that wins for these feet flairs is the sturdy belt fastens that augments a deep foot ambidexterity.