Bold and Thunderous Hero Cisco Ramon Costume


Thunderous Protagonist The Flash Vibe Complete Costume Collection:

Carlos Valdes has portrayed the super fictional character of The Vibe in famous American drama series The Flash. He is portrayed the character as Cisco Ramon Costume who is an expert mechanical engineer by profession, but has hidden super abilities of two dimensional awareness. As he can sense and feel the energies of both time and space at one time, so can effectively co-ordinate with them to see glimpses of both worlds. He is one of the main integral part of the Flash team, battling it out against anonymous adversaries. His creative attiring is also widely popular among the followers, as it looks very defiant and bold styling that gives his personality an extra charm. So to also give you a profound vision about how to get outfit like Vibe in your next Cosplay, we have broken down below the detailed clothing guide of him so you can also attain high inspirations.

The Flash Cisco Ramon jacket

The Flash Cisco Ramon Jacket

This exquisite Vibe jacket is a precised craftsmanship from fine leather material with same styling and fabrication that enthralls your personality just like the actual thunderous Vibe character.


Pant (Product Page)

Glare up your riveting outlooks with this creatively fashioned black glossy pants that gives your appeal a refined lustrous look, which the stunning super fictional character of Flash Vibe Costume demands for.


Boot (Product Page)

Attire up these robustly crafted tactical boots which is artistically made to best comply with your Vibe Cosplay, as it makes you a very sturdy bold individual with stimulating outlooks.


Glove (Product Page)

These leather finger gloves are deliberately made for those rough and tough biking individuals who likes to emulate intrepid personified style to have fine domination over other styling newbies.

Vibe Costume

Vibe Costume (Product Page)

Attain unique enchanted appearance with this creatively fashioned Vibe outfit that is flawlessly styled for those enthusiasts who likes to have perfect Cisco Ramon Costume looks in fancy themed parties.


Boot (Product Page)

Enthrall up your bold appearance by attiring this compact styled tactical boots that gives fine robust match to your Cisco Ramon Costume, and makes it rivetingly special among others in the party.

So make your perfect looks completely seamless and thunderously bold with this Vibe Cosplay, that is creatively fashioned with exact designing and cognate fabrication to give you best profound looks from rest of the others. As all the apparels listed above are precisely manufactured to give you same fictional presence and alluring persona which Cisco Ramon’s character attained on screen, so you can also enjoy unique inspirations with it. So its easy to attire up now as the rumbling flash character in fancy themed parties which would make you stand out from others in cognitive styling.