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We all have heard, old is gold. This phrase perfectly suits a movie called ‘The Crow’ which was released a long time ago. The date of release for this movie was the 13th of May 1994. The movie is one of the classics of the old times. The genre of the movie is an action and adventure superhero movie. The superhero was named as The Crow and the movie is based on a comic book which was also named as The Crow. The movie is directed by Alex Proyas and written by David J. Schow. The movie received immense love and appreciation from the critics as well as the audience. The movie has stared some of the best stars in the industry at that time. The role of The Crow is played by Brandon Lee and has performed impeccably.

A plot of the Movie

The plot of the movie revolves around The Crow avenging her fiancé. On the 30th of October in Detroit, Shelly Webster was beaten and raped and her fiancée Eric Draven was shot and stabbed and was lying dead right beside her on the street. The couple planned on getting married the next day but had faced such a terrible incident. As Sergeant was leaving the hospital, a girl named Sarah comes to him and claims to be a friend of the couple and leads him to the scene of the crime.

The movie goes forward by a crow tapping on the grave of Eric Draven and he awakens from the grave and climbs out. Later, his memories flashes and he remembers that the men responsible for his death and the situation of his fiancée were a gang known as T-birds. He is now guided by the crow to the murderers and is all set to avenge his fiancée as well as his own death.

The movie was loved by the audience and the character The Crow received immense love and appreciation from the audience. The performance of Brandon Lee was the best character in the movie. Apart from the plot, action and the characters of the movie, there was one more aspect that was loved and adored by the audience and that was the attire of the lead character, The Crow.

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The Crow Black Leather Jacket

This jacket has been one of the most highlighted attire of Brandon Lee for his character The Crow. This jacket was loved by the audience and some of them demanded it for themselves as well. It is made up of genuine and top-quality leather along with a soft viscose lining on the inside for ease and comfort. The jacket has a broad lapel collar along with front buttoned fastening. The jacket has full-length sleeves along with open hem cuffs. It has two diagonal waist pockets on the outside of the jacket along with two inner pockets.

The Crow Eric Draven Coat

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The Crow Mask

The costume of The Crow would not be complete without the actual look of the character. This mask would help you complete your cosplay look. It is made up of 100% polyvinylchloride. It can easily be washed with your hands. This mask comes in one size which would be suitable for all sized faces. This has been officially licensed and comes in a high-quality material which would be comfortable to wear for long hours.

The Crow Mask

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The Crow Pants

These pants looked gorgeous on Brandon Lee and we guarantee that they’ll look amazing on you too. These pants are made up of 76% cotton, 21% polyester, and 3% spandex. These are high quality, imported pants that would be suitable for you. They have a front zip-fly closure and are easily machine washable.

These pants would be suitable for all your casual as well as formal gatherings with family and friends. Grab these pants and get the best look you can for your formal as well as casual gatherings.

The Crow Pants

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The Crow Boots

A perfect look is not perfect unless it has the best footwear. You can now avail of these perfect military boots from our category. These boots are high-quality boots made up of genuine leather material. They have a comfortable rubber sole and they have an overall height of 8 inches. It has a thick vulcanized rubber cleated outside of the boots which provides ease, comfort, and better walking or running comfort.

These boots would be the perfect choice for you to wear in all your formal gatherings as well as occasions like trekking or hiking. Grab these now and complete you’re The Crow look for this year’s Halloween or costume party.

The Crow Boots

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