Star Lord Costume Guardians of the Galaxy Both Volume


Star Lord Costume GOTG VOL.2

Star lord Vol 2

Star Lord Costume has sieged the world of Superhero Outfits and landed into our worlds from the avenues of Guardians of the Galaxy. At first there was the volume one figure, now the volume two has made as the jacket and the coat, both has made its worth among the fans of Chris Pratt and the film attraction. The character, Peter Quill and lovers of Gamora Jacket fits the description as one of the intriguing fashionable guide for men to depict on.

 Star Lord Original GOTG 2 Jacket

Star Lord Vol 2 Jacket

Chris Pratt has given us a chance to depict one of the fantastically worn outerwear as part of Star Lord Costume. This maroon Jacket with awesome appeal of stretchable pattern designing onto its sleeves covering, having belted cuffs for stupendous attraction.

star lord t-shirt

Star Lord T-Shirt 

The Long Sleeves T-shirt which has been attired by Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Star Lord, is depicted and portrayed by Chris Pratt who gave his fans a lot more to talk about.

Star Lord Pants

Star Lord Pants (Product Page)

These pants which are formally described as the Peter Quill’s pants as apart of the Star Lord Costume. These trousers have scaling attributes as padded-ripped knees with reputable appearance.

star lord shoes

Star Lord Shoes (Product Page)

These elegant boots are one of the remarkable shine with knee-high cover along with it. The Shoes that are worn by Peter Quill. In the Guardians movie sure will make you feel like a Lord, or straight right formerly, Star Lord.

star lord guardians of the galaxy 2 coat

 Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Coat

Guardian of the Galaxy Coat which has the remarkable patterns is the next best attraction as a part of Star Lord Costume which is your choice to depict on, as per your focus whichever guise of Chris Pratt you like to follow for your cosplay.

star lord belt

Star Lord Belt (Product Page)

This Brown belt with golden buckle is one of the charismatic part of Star Lord Costume. That reflects the bossy persona. Although it won’t be quite right with his sober attitude, but it seem when it comes to barking orders he just won’t step down at any spot.

star lord helmet

Star lord Helmet (Product Page)

The Skunk appeal helmet that Chris Pratt has attired in the attraction is one of the strong part of Star Lord Costume to give the powerful attributes among the cosplayers that decide to portray as Peter Quill from the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

star lord lazar blaster

Star lord Lazar Blaster (Product Page)

The Laser blaster is every kids best attraction. While grownups also like to toy. It as a part of fulfilling. Star Lord Costume in the Guardians of the Galaxy Movies.

Chris Pratt Star Lord Costume Vol 1

star lord vol 1


Star Lord Jacket


Star Lord Jacket

Similarly both attractions as Vol 1 and 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy has phenomenal edition towards the outfit in maroon color. It gives remarkable appearance to give a fantastic attribution among the Star Lord Costume fans. These types of gimmick usually adorn by the relative embarkation with its appealing features like, front flap and patched designing and long sleeves with belted strips and cuffs. The smooth appeal of this attire is front zipper fastening.

adult star lord mask

Adult Star Lord Mask (Product Page)

It has also paid-off for adults whose persona does not end here, they can completely follow the youth’s example for certain attributes. Become your kids leader by operating with overall Star Lord Costume.

Star Lord Belt

Star Lord Belt (Product Page)

The Black belt is the part of another Star Lord Costume. It resembles the previous one just slight changes from its patterns and padded designing, like a maze.

star lord pant

Star Lord Pant (Product Page)

The Trousers that Chris Pratt has attired as Peter Quill to accustom with Star Lord Costume with a dark combination of Maroon outerwear and Black Pants appear.

grain half chaps

Grain Half Chaps (Product Page)

The Grain Half Chaps are worthy of Star Lord Costume with perfect standing of the cooler attraction as best among the featured gimmick of the Peter Quill by Chris Pratt to confirm this remarkable attraction.

Star Lord Shoes

Star Lord Shoes (Product Page)

The Star Lord Boots in black pattern designed with stitched in white attractive lines, is more like a casual interpretation.

star lord blaster

Star Lord Blaster (Product Page)

The Laser Gun Blaster of the Star lord aspires the fans as best toy among the Star lord Kit. This smart weapon is the choice of Peter Quill in the attraction.

The Entire focus of the Star Lord Costume gives a remarkable resemblance to the outfitter. Who strikes to fit this guide according to his practice of being a Chris Pratt personified gimmick as Peter Quill. This would make one of the greatest appearance for a cosplayer Guardians of the Galaxy Jackets. Who seek the rightful character of all time.