Get a Horrifying Look to Scare Everyone with Slender Man Costume


If you are in the interesting mood and want to enjoy your upcoming event with a lot of entertainment and fun, then you can avail the most terrible Costume of Slender Man. Slender Man is an upcoming movie that tells the story of a tall, thin and horrifying figure with unnaturally long arms and a featureless face. Slender Man was first mentioned in Something Awful Forum’s “Create Paranormal Images”. If you want to portray a character, then you have to aware of his abilities that include discriminating invisibility, the ability to change height and body shape, the ability to shape its am into tentacles and the ability to tentacles like attachments from its back and shoulders to be used as further arms and legs. Below we have shared the Slender Man Costume that will enhance your look and give you superb look of a character.

Javier Botet Mask

Slender Man Costume Mask Product Page

Start the Slender Man Costume with this mask that will cover your complete face and you will look like a character at the event. It is made up of polyester that will make you feel comfortable throughout the day. Check the colors of the mask, so that you can also avail another one as per your favorite color.

Javier Botet Dress Shirt

Slender Man Dress Shirt Product Page

Next, we have a dress shirt that is also a necessary piece for an eye-pleasing look of a character. The shirt is made up of cotton material that you can comfortably wear for a long time period. Check the features that will give you superb fitting. Else, you will find various colors so that you can grab as per your choice.

Javier Botet Suit

Slender Man Two Piece Suit

Here we have Slender Man Costume Suit available that is also a required product for an authentic look of this creepy character. The set includes a jacket and pants that are made up of premium quality material that will surely give you superb comfortable feeling while attire it. As it is in black color so that you can also wear for a business meeting for an amazing appearance.

Javier Botet Gloves

Slender Man Gloves Product Page

Now check the Slender Man Gloves that you can avail from the site that will keep you at ease because of its comfortable fabric. So, what are your waitings for? Just have it now and look like a character at the upcoming cosplay party. They are thick enough to keep your hand moisture, cotton material make your hand feel comfortable.

Javier Botet Tentacles

Slender Man Tentacles Product Page

You can avail this Slender Man Tentacles that is one of the most important things that you have to use with your complete Slender Man Costume. You just have to attach it to the back of your suit so that you will get an authentic look of a character while wearing.

Javier Botet Shoes

Slender Man Shoes Product Page

Lastly, you can have this Slender Man shoes that are made up of finest quality material so that you can comfortably wear anywhere you want. The contemporary single monk strap dress shoe with cap toe will give you best fitting when moving all the time. Have it now and get an authentic look of a character.

The Slender Man Costume guide is completed here with the high-quality products mentioned here. You can avail your best products now that will give you an inspiring look in front of the viewers. Don’t worry, we are here to help you if you feel any query while purchasing from the site. You can visit our website for more costume guides and choose the perfect one as per your choice. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab it now and get a fascinating personality in front of the viewers.