Star Wars Rey Costume Guide For a Unique Appearance


You are definitely aware of Star Wars franchise and you also know about it series. So, who is your favorite character in that series? Rey might be one of the favorite characters of the Star Wars movie fans. In this guide, I have discussed the Rey Star Wars Costume that will give you an appealing look at any cosplay or costume party and you can also impress the guests through your best appearance. You know what? There are many fans of Star Wars Franchise that’s why if you will get an accurate appearance of any Star wars character then you will definitely get compliments and people will love to take some pictures with you to make your and their day memorable. Rey was a female Scavenger and Force Prodigy who discover her talent Force sensitivity. Rey honed her skills as a scavenger in the Junk fields of Jakku, a planet on which every day a struggle to survive against harsh sunlight, searing hot deserts, and cutthroat scavengers and thieves who would steal from anyone. So are you ready to get up in Star Wars Rey Costume for an upcoming event? Then just follow this guide and have the products on a budget.


eye mask

Eye Mask (Product Page)

Start the adult Rey costume with the eye mask that is attached a hood. It is made up of polyester that will give you great comfort while wearing it. Have this for character costume and also use it to keep your eyes protected from high rays.

Adult Rey Costume

Adult Rey Costume (Product Page)

Rey costume is available here that is made up of polyester which is an amazing fabric for an apparel. It is one of the elegant pieces for adults that they can wear at any costume party to get an authentic look of Rey from Star Wars. The costume includes deluxe top, elastic waist pant, detached sleeves, cuffs and belt with pouch. You don’t have to rush for separate products, you can find everything here.


Boot (Product Page)

You just have to buy shoes separately because it is not included with above costume. The costume shoes are made up of finest quality material that will give you perfect appearance of a character. It is also perfect for cold weather so that you will feel warm and comfortable.

Rey Staff

Rey Staff (Product Page)

Now, come to the accessory that is necessary for a complete character costume. The Force Awakens Rey Staff is made up of plastic that will not hurt you while keeping it with you at the costume party with your complete costume.

Rey Vest

The Last Jedi Rey Vest

The Last Jedi Rey vest is made up of woolen fabric that has inner viscose lining that will keep you comfortable while wearing it in any weather. The vest has stand up collar, front zipper closure, padded shoulder and it also has sleeves with the vest that is detachable and has a rib knit cuff.

Rey Jacket

The Last Jedi Rey Jacket

Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey jack is available here that is made up of genuine leather and faux leather and has inside viscose lining that will give you great comfort while wearing it. It has a high swaggered collar with zipper closure and open hem cuff that will give you perfect appearance of a Rey at an event. The jacket can be worn anywhere for a classy appearance.



Child Mask (Product Page)

Now, let’s come to the child’s Rey costume. First of all, check this eye mask with a hood that is made up of polyester which is a comfortable fabric that will keep you comfortable and relaxed while wearing it. The product is good to protect your child from eyes from dust and sun rays.

Child's Deluxe Rey Costume

Child’s Deluxe Rey Costume (Product Page)

The Same costume is available for kids as shown for adults Rey costume. It is made up of polyester that will keep your child comfortable when wearing this costume for a long time period. The costume includes jumpsuit with attached sleeves, cuffs, and belt with pouch. You just have to buy shoes to get a complete appearance of a Star Wars character.

Rey Bag with belt

Rey Bag With Belt (Product Page)

This Rey bag is the last product for a Cosplay Costume. The bag is made up of canvas material that will allow you to use for a long time period. It has straps to hang it on shoulder and buckle closure will allow you to keep your valuable things in it. This bag can also be used for daily life at schools, colleges or offices.

The last thing which is necessary for a character appearance is to make hair like her. That’s why I have shared a link below that will help you to learn how to make hair like Rey.