Admiring Guide of Dominika Egorova Red Sparrow Costume


Spy is a word which means a person engaged by a government or other group to secretly gain information of enemy or competitor. What if you are asked to become a spy for your country? Don’t worry we won’t ask you to do anything like this. It is just an introduction to make known to the movie Red Sparrow. This will tell the story of a Russian intelligence officer.

The film is all about the beautiful and adorable character Dominika. She is one of the main leading roles in the movie Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews. She became a spy for Russian intelligence service after a severe injury on her feet that ruined her remarkable career as a dancer. Dominika Egorova was born in Moscow, the only child of Professor Vassily Egorov and ex-musician Nina Egorova. At the very young phase of life Dominika started taking interested in music and dancing, she was crazy about music, at age 5 she could memorize Tchaikovsky songs. Her talent got the attention of her parents who later found out by a psychologist that Dominika had synesthesia attributes, which means she could see colors on sounds, letters or numbers. Her synesthesia attributes would have a valuable effect on Dominika’s intuition later in her life.

The character is played by the beautiful actress Jennifer Lawrence. She is the only caretaker of her sick mother. Unfortunately, she suffered a career-ending injury, Dominika is approached by her uncle, Ivan, who works for Russian intelligence. She is tasked with seducing Dimitry Ustinov, a Russian politician, and covertly replacing his phone with a state-provided phone and in exchange, they assure her to give complete medical care to her mother.

Jennifer Lawrence two phase of life one as dancer and second as Spy we have made this Dominika Egorova Costume Guide for you in which we have mentioned all the products required to complete the costume.

red sparrow jennifer coat

Red Sparrow Jennifer Coat

Have this amazing Red Sparrow Jennifer Lawrence Brown Coat. It is the alluring attire you can grab it for traveling or any party this jacket is fabricated by wool blend so that it will last for a long time have this beautiful jacket part of your wardrobe and make everyone amaze.

dominika egorova shirt

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Women’s look really adorable in black, so to make this costume look more attractive we added this Daily Ritual Women’s Jersey Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Shirt to give you the eye-catching personality. The shirt is made-up of Rayon and Spandex for your comfort and ease, soft jersey material so that it will adjust by your body.

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Pant is the essential part of the Dominika Egorova costume as without this black Pant your costume is incomplete. It is projected by Polyester for your suitability. The Pant is made up of very soft and stretchable material so you will feel relaxed and comfortable all the time. You can also avail this item in a different color for different clothing as well.

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Introducing you the best quality scarf for your costume. This fashionable scarf is super soft and stylish so it is easy to carry with you all the time. Your costume will look more alluring when you wear this scarf along with the jacket and shirt. This scarf is made to enhance your casual look and gives you the gorgeous appearance.

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Handbags are always the important accessory because generally we women’s don’t have any pocket in our clothing. So we carry bag with us to keep our useful belongings in it. This handbag is so stylish and it we made up of high-quality material. You can keep so many things inside this bag as it contains different sections in it.

running shoe

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Lastly, grab this sneaker with your costume to make it look more elegant and stylish. In the movie, you will see this beautiful actress Jennifer Lawrence in different clothing’s throughout the movie. These shoes are light in weight so that that can easily carry it with your favorite dress.


Jennifer Lawrence wore many other outfits as well in this red sparrow movie in different stages of her life. She looks adorable in all the dresses which are worn by her character Dominika Egorova. Here we have jumbled some more dresses and accessories which she attired in the movie.

long sleeve flapper party club dress

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high heel pump shoes

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thicken long trench coat jacket with belt

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womens scarf

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prom cocktail party mini dress

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rhinestone crystals leaves tiara crown

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fashion flat shoe

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This Red Sparrow costume guide is based on the wonderful products. Accessories linked into this costume guide are easily available. We have mentioned all the things which are necessary to complete the costume. These all products are durable as well as all the products are comprised of high-quality material so dress up like this pretty girl Dominika Egorova.

This movie Red Sparrow is now running successfully in cinemas around the world and getting the good result. So enjoy this movie and discover the spy mission with the gorgeous Dominika Egorova.