PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Costume Guide


Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is what PubG actually means. Most of the PubG freaks already know that. PubG is an online battle-field game that was developed and published by the PubG Corporation. The game is inspired by the 2000 Japanese movie called the Battle Royale. The first of this game was released only for Microsoft Windows in March 2017. The full release of the game was in December 2017. The game was later released for Xbox as well. Later, as per the demand the game was released for both Android and iOS in the year 2018. It is one of the most played battlefield games as well as the best-selling Battle Royale games.

The plot of the game is an individual player is fighting for survival with a maximum of 99 more players. The last man standing on the battleground would be the winner of the game. The game starts with each individual having a map and being allowed to jump from the plane to wherever they want to. After the jump, the parachute safely lands the player and the player starts searching for different weapons, bandages, bulletproof vests, health drinks, bombs and a lot more. They are forced to kill whoever they face in order to live themselves. The last person who would be alive on the battlefield would be the winner of the game.

The audience has loved the concept and the graphics of the game. There is one more thing loved and appreciated by the audience and that was the attire of the PubG players in the game. The raw and rough look of the players has attracted the audience and they demand such attire to wear themselves.

Our category consists of a wide range of exact replica of the attires worn by the characters in the game that you can wear yourself. These high-quality products would be the perfect fit for all your Halloween costumes as well as costume parties. So get these attires and win the award for the best costume in the room!

Sleeveless Leather Jacket

People have been trying to avail of the PubG costume for a long time. Here is the most highlight sleeveless leather jacket of the PubG game. This jacket is made up of genuine and real leather along with soft viscose lining on the inside. It has a shearling shirt collar and shearling sleeveless cuts. The leather jacket has a shearling hemline as well. It has a front zipper fastening along with 4 façade flap pockets on the jacket. The jacket comes in a brown color.

It is the perfect fit for you if you are planning to give a rough look. You can win the best costume if you plan to dress up as a PubG player for this year’s Halloween or costume party. Get this leather jacket now and slay your costume look.

Pubg Sleeveless Leather Jacket

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PUBG Leather Jacket

PubG has a common leather jacket for all players. This is the showcased leather jacket of every individual player. It is made up of pure and genuine leather along with soft viscose lining on the inside. It consists of a best-buckled collar style along with front zipper closure. This particular jacket consists of full sleeves with strap sewed sleeves. It has a belt fastening hemline. There are waist flap pockets on the jacket. It consists of a bomber pocket on the sleeve of the jacket. It comes in black color as per the rough look of a PubG player.

You can grab this leather jacket and wear it for any costume party that comes your way if you plan to dress up as a PubG player. It’s a good idea since PubG is really trending nowadays. Plan your costume now and slay it!

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Leather Jacket

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This coat is another highlight of the PubG costume in the game. It is made up of genuine and pure leather along with soft inner viscose lining. This coat has a shirt styled collar along with front zipper fastening. It has full sleeves with open hem cuffs. It has two pockets on the inside of the coat and bomber pockets on the outside of the coat. The right shoulder of the coat has shield appendages. It consists of belt clips and studs impact settings over it. This coat comes in a black color matching the personality of a PubG player.

Battlegrounds Playerunknown’s Coat

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PUBG Elite Agent Leather Coat

Elite Agent has been one of the important characters of the PubG game. The character has a particular outfit. This outfit was loved by the audience and demanded themselves as well. This coat is made up of 100% pure leather along with a soft viscose layer on the inside. The coat consists of a notch lapel collar along with a front open style. It has a padded shoulder for better fitting and comfort. It consists of pockets on the front of the coat as well as on the left sleeve of the coat. The coat is classy and trendy just like the PubG game.

Pubg Elite Agent Leather Coat

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Pubg Combat Boots

A PubG player needs to dress up raw and rough. These retro combat boots are important to give the perfect finishing to your PubG costume. These boots are made up of PU leather along with inner viscose lining. The shaft of the boot is approximately 14.2 inches from the arch. It has multiple buckles on the boots for decoration purposes and has a comparatively high heel than the rest of the common boots.

Pubg Combat Boots

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PUBG Cosplay Costume

If you are planning to dress up as a PubG player for this year’s Halloween or Costume party, here is the perfect kit for you. This kit consists of a level three helmet along with a PubG backpack. This PubG Costume Set would perfectly fit your outfit and would help you get the best of all costumes in the room. Other than the props, this kit also consists of a T-shirt, Pants, Belt with the bag pack, Gloves, Arm Bandages, Necktie, and leg guards. This is the perfect PubG kit for you to wear and slay your costume once and for all.


Battlegrounds Playerunknown’s Cosplay Costume Product Page


These PubG Costume Ideas are perfect for a Halloween costume or a costume party. PubG is one of the most trending games of this era and everyone is aware of it. Get these PubG costumes now and slay your overall PubG look. Also, you can show your love and support to the trending show by wearing their costumes in events like Halloween or any other costume party. Don’t forget to slay your look and upload pictures so people can see the tough Battleground freak that you are.