A Complete Costume Guide Of Pepsi Man


The gamers are probably already aware of this video game but for those who don’t know, Pepsiman is an action video game that is developed by KID. This game was initially developed and published for PlayStation. The initial date of release of this game in Japan is the 4th of March, 1994. We all know the famous brand Pepsi, this game is based on the carbonated soft drink and is its eponymous superhero mascot.

The game makes the player focus on overcoming the obstacles by jumping, sliding and running, whereas on the other hand, the Pepsiman runs forward to complete each stage. Pepsi is a low budget video game; the purpose of this show is to make sure to promote the carbonated soft drink by making videos in-between the stages of the game. These videos show the mascot drinking the carbonated soft drink which leads to the promotion of the product.

The game features 3D out-scenes and this is one of the most adored and loved games of the old gamers. The game is being played on the third-person’s perspective and the player does only four different moves including running, dashing, jumping and super-jumping. The game consists of four stages and each stage includes smaller segments. Each stage shows the Pepsiman saving a man who is dehydrated at the end of the stage. The stages of the game are based on actual places like San Francisco and New York City. The player gains points by collecting Pepsi cans whilst its journey.

One of the main purposes of this game is to promote the brand Pepsi itself. This is true that Pepsi lovers tend to play this game more than others. One of the main attributes of the game is the costume of the Pepsiman. It represents the brand Pepsi. Our category consists of a wide range of exact replicas of the attires of different characters. These characters can be of movies, TV series or even video games, for instance, the attire of Harley Quinn, Otis Milburn, and Cyberpunk 2077 costumes.

You can now avail of this high -quality attire of Pepsiman on Hjackets. This costume would be the perfect fit for your Halloween party or costume party. Avail this Pepsiman costume now and be the one with the best costume in the room for this year’s costume party.

Zentai Pepsi Man Halloween Costume

Good news for all the Pepsi lovers out there. You can now avail of this Pepsiman costume for this year’s Halloween party or costume party and have the best costume in the room. This costume is made up of shiny metallic fabric. This metallic fabric is not see-through. This costume comes in two colors which define the brand Pepsi which is blue and silver. This costume is skin fit and would be the perfect costume for you. The costume has a Pepsi logo on the front of the costume. There is a zipper closure to enter and leave the costume on the back of the costume.

Pepsi Man Halloween Costume

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Kids Pepsi Man Costume

If your kid is a Pepsi lover, then here is the perfect costume for them. This Halloween makes sure that they wear something they truly love. This Pepsiman costume is perfect for all the kids out there. This costume is actually a jumpsuit. It is made up of high-quality material along with soft lining on the inside for your kids’ comfort and ease. It comes in a combination of two colors which perfectly define the brand Pepsi which is blue and silver. The jumpsuit has a high-neck collar along with a perfect Pepsi logo on the front of it.

Pepsi Man Kid Costume

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Pepsi Man Metallic Full Body Suit

For all the Pepsiman lovers around the world, the perfect costume is now in stock. You can avail of this Pepsiman costume now and be the best costume among all your friends. This costume is the attire of the Pepsiman from the video game. This suit is for grownups and has been one of the most commonly demanded costumes nowadays.

This costume is made up of shiny metallic material along with soft inner lining for ease and comfort whilst wearing the costume. The costume comes in two colors which define the brand and its representation which is blue and silver. The costume has a logo of Pepsi on the front of it which makes it easier for people to understand. This is a full-body suit that has a zipper on the back of the attire which would help you get in and get out of the costume. Grab this costume now and show your love and addiction to Pepsi.

Pepsiman Metallic Costume

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