Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Leonardo DiCaprio Merchandise


Who isn’t a big fan of Leonardo Di Caprio? He is an American actor, who has definitely won over a million hearts, by his outstanding performances. He is not only a tremendous actor, but is a producer and an environmentalist as well. As many successful movies that he has given to the audience, an addition to the list is about to be made; ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ is due to be released in July 2019. So, as a fan of Leonardo Di Caprio, we are surely waiting for the movie to be released soon!

The movie is comedy drama, produced by Quentin Tarantino. Oh yes! The producer who has honored the audience with extra ordinary movies, with a great sense of production. Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie are the main characters of the film. The casts sound amazing right? These super stars have given their best in the movie and has made the movie a worth to watch one. Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie are two American actors, who have been performance with immense dignity and enthusiasm. The success of the movie is clearly obvious, since the cast is so talented and endowed.

Quintin Tarantino, is an American film maker, who has given the audience a good number of successful films, including Pulp Fiction and The Hateful Eight. Quintin says that he has been working on this movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, for half a decade! And expects it to be a great hit. And above all, Leonardo Di Caprio Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a perfect combination to witness!

Leonardo Di Caprio, appearing as Rick Dalton in the movie, is an actor who has been casted in a television series, and is failing his career due to his alcohol addiction. He is a best friend of Cliff Booth, who’s role is being played by Brad Pitt, appearing as a Vietnam war veteran. The movie is related to a real historic event, as some of the characters are fictional.

So, as a fan of Tarantino and the cast, you would be quite interested in going through the Leonardo Di Caprio Once Upon a Time in Hollywood merch! Below is the list of particular merchandise that you can get your hands on right away:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Rick Dalton Jacket

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Rick Dalton Jacket

Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the adored actors in Hollywood, and let’s be honest, we have fallen in love with him since he has performed tremendously in Titanic. He has been giving us some serious fashion goals as well. Leonardo Di Caprio Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Jacket is the first merchandise that you must own! What else would a fan want than having an apparel which leads him to imitate the look of Leonardo Di Caprio? So, check out the details of the jacket and grab this astonishing merch before it gets out of stock.

The jacket that Leonardo Di Caprio has been carrying in the movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood whilst portraying the character of Rick Dalton is made of real leather. The classic brown color upgrades the look of the leather. The jacket has a front button closure with open hem cuffs. The peak lapel collar is giving the jacket a 90s look, just what the character demands for. Flaunt in the leather jacket and get lucky enough to replicate the look of the most handsome yet classiest actor of Hollywood.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Backpack

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Backpack

Get something handy and useful at the same time. What about having a backpack with the title of the movie imprinted on the front? This will be one of the amazing merchandises that you would definitely want to get your hands on. The backpack is made of a premium high quality, that is strong and durable. The bag is convenient to be used as a gym bag as well. The bag has a drawstring closure, which makes it quite easier to insert and remove the items from the bag.

The backpack is in blue color with the title of the movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ imprinted on the front with block letters, in red hot color; the color makes it vibrant and attractive. An additional feature of the bag that will astonish you, is the fact of the backpack being water resistant. The bag is woven with 210D polyester which gives a protective layer to the bag, making it water resistant and an easy useful merch to get hold on to.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Baseball cap

Retro Classic Baseball Hats Washed Distressed Twill Cow-boy Dad Hat Dad Hats for Young Man

As a fan of Leonardo Di Caprio, you must be waiting for the upcoming movie, One Upon a Time in Hollywood, right? Well, how about getting your hands on some merch even before the movie gets released huh? Check out this baseball cap made of pure cotton. The cap is light weight and is easy to carry around. The cap can be availed in multiple colors. The baseball cap, has an imprinted title of the movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ right on the front in block letters.

You can grab this baseball cap as you go for a football match with your friends, or any casual outing. The baseball cap has a good absorbent material and has breathing holes which automatically increases the permeability of the hat. The best thing about the hat is, it is suitable for any size of head – the adjustable metal buckle closure at the back makes it convenient to wear.It’s a low profile constructed baseball hat, but a simple and elegant merchandise for the upcoming movie of Leonardo Di Caprio. So,get this cap as a gift for your friends or family, and be their favorite one right away.

Cliff Booth Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Jean Jacket

Cliff Booth Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Jean Jacket

As the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, has casted the best American actors, how can we even forget to mention the merchandise reflecting the character of Cliff Booth, that has been played by Brad Pitt. A huge girl crush, isn’t he? Well impress your girlfriend by getting your hands on this Cliff Booth jean jacket.


The jacket is denim, with a front buttoned closure. The jacket has a classic collar, which gives it the perfect jean jacket look. The button cuffs enhance the detailing of the jacket while making it a worth to buy. Wear off this jacket in any sort of weather and flaunt away with your Brad Pitt look! So, do not wait up to order this jean jacket, because trust us, this is what you must have!

The above-mentioned merchandise is certainly something that you must add to your collection, since the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is about to be super hit production. The director Quintin Tarantino has been an incredible film maker since the early 90s, and undoubtedly this is going to be his successful eighth film. So, this is the chance to imitate your favorite actors, Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt, by grabbing the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood merch.