Unique and mystified Mummy Costume collection


Attire Perfectly As the Horrific Mummy with This DIY:

Horror movies with suspense climax has always been a great watch for many individuals. Same is the case with the recently released movie The Mummy. Which comes as a long-awaited sequel of the famous franchise of the same name. It is a remake of the classical Mummy version, and is equally made with same frightening plot. The movie comprises of many characters including the main protagonist hero Rick o’Connel. Whose styling is been a vast inspiration for many enthusiasts. So we have confined a very precised DIY guide from the movie of the lead characters to give you delicate outfitting anticipation for your next Cosplay. As how to get attired with scary Mummy costume and others to give perfect classical ghostly outlooks.

Sofia Boutella Costume:

hair wig

Hair Wig (Product Page)

Make your voided persona enchanting and flamboyant with this exclusive Black wig. That is precisely made to give you high impeccable looks along with any attire you wear.

Broken Doll Makeup

Broken Doll Makeup (Product Page)

Become a horrified gimmick of the famous Mummy character with this especially made dead witch makeup. That perfectly gives you same scary looks to shock everyone in the party.

mummy tween costume

Mummy Tween Costume (Product Page)

Attire on the most frightening and scary Mummy costume to look mysteriously indifferent from the others in the fancy party, as it is precisely made from the exact ghostly fabrication as shown in the movie.

eden eve costume

Eden Eve Costume (Product Page)

Get attired with the old classical leaf style suit that gives you unique enchanted appearance in the party. As the creatively fashioned & supple styling of the garb speaks high volume for its artistry.

women's comfy lace up sandels

Women’s Comfy Lace Up Sandals (Product Page)

These old Greek shaped sandals are perfect to wear with your Mummy costume as it complies best with it to give profound ghostly looks which you always desired for.

Lace Gloves

Lace Gloves (Product Page)

Make your Mummy avatar completely misty by taking on these innovative gloves that are uniquely crafted with précised diligence and crafty hands to give best character outlooks.

Rick o’Connel Costume Guide:

gun shoulder holster

Gun Shoulder Holster (Product Page)

If you want to get attired with the robust sturdy looks to show your dominant styling in the party. Then you have to grab on these voguish holsters purely replicated from the Rick o’ Connel’s character in the movie giving astounding presence.


Shirt (Product Page)

These elegant white shirts are uniquely fashioned in defiant bold styling to best comply with Rick o’ Connel’s avatar, as it’s profound fabrication gives it a very graceful and resounding touch.

fit stretch pant

Fit Stretch Pant (Product Page)

Complete your bold attiring with a more compelling look with this exquisite Khaki pantaloons that gives solid compact look to your Rick o’ Connell’s avatar and complements its strong appearance.


Boot (Product Page)

If you want to fillup your voided look with exquisite elegance, then grab on these Rick o’ Connell’s Cosplay shoes that is precisely manufactured with same styling and fabrication as shown on screen.


Pistol (Product Page)

Gear up your classical cavalry looks by having this cowboy revolvers that has been made with defiant styling and compact structure to give you best sturdy appearance as which Rick o’ Connell attained in the movie.

Imhotep Costume Guide:

latex bald cap

Latex Bald Cap (Product Page)

Give an inventive outlook to your avatar and sheen up your head with this latex bald cap that pioneers you as an overall different personality and gives unique appearance that amazes everyone.

leather bracelet

Leather Bracelet (Product Page)

Glare up your style with complete classical ingenuity with this creative wristbands. That are purely made from the leather to give enthralling looks indifferently from others.

roman apron and belt

Roman Apron And Belt (Product Page)

Get old Roman warrior styled looks with this artistic Men’s apron. That is uniquely tailored in the same battle ready manner to give you high anticipation as the real combatant.

gladiator sandals

Gladiator Sandals (Product Page)

Enthrall up your roman gladiator avatar with this classical styled sandals. That gives you high inspiration to be one like sturdy combatant and to emulate extravagant fancy gladiator looks.

 leather cord pendant necklace

Leather Cord Pendant Necklace (Product Page)

Make your warrior appearance an enthralling medallion styled appeal with this innovative retro fashioned Egyptian pendant that gives your character a glorified looks among rest of the others.

So summing up all quickly, the above shown exclusive Mummy character outfits and gadgets are skilfully manufactured with high class precision and diligent quality so that you can attain perfect astounding looks to amaze everyone in the fancy party. All these apparels are crafted with robust fabrication and defiant styling giving them unique personified looks from rest of the others. So grab on these exquisite attiring range to make yourself indifferently bold and cognately gallant.