DIY Tom Ellis Lucifer Morningstar Costume Guide


Lucifer is an American TV series. The genre of the show is fantasy, comedy, and drama. The TV series is based on the characters created for the DC universe by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg. The show has yet released four seasons, with a total of 67 episodes. The initial date of release of the show was 25th of January 2016 and is said to be releasing the fifth season on the 21st of August on Netflix. In June 2020, the show was renewed for a sixth season, which would be the last season of the series.

The plot of the show revolves around Lucifer Morningstar, who is the actual devil. Lucifer starts a rebel against his own father (The God) and comes to Earth for the rest of his time. On Earth, Lucifer owns his own nightclub called Lux and meets some circumstances that lead him to be a part of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and works with a detective named Chloe Decker. It turns out, Chloe is divorced and has a daughter. During the four seasons, Chloe discovers that Lucifer is the actual devil, and she has fallen in love with the devil.

The show is full of twists, turns, new characters, and amazing storylines. The lead role of Lucifer Morningstar is played by the talented and gorgeous Tom Ellis, and Chloe Decker is played by the beautiful Lauren German. The audience is in love with the character of Tom Ellis in the show and cannot wait for the new season to be released.

Lucifer Morningstar, the devil, is one of the most handsome, seductive, and well-dressed characters in the show. You will always see him wearing gorgeous suits and amazing attires. The men who watch the show are truly a fan of how Tom Ellis dresses up in the show.

Our category comprises a range of different attires belonging to characters from different movies, TV shows, and videogames. You will find an entire costume of Lucifer Morningstar on our category. We also have attires that would be suitable for all your casual, formal, and costume events. If you want to dress up as Lucifer Morningstar for your Halloween or costume party this year, here is your costume. This Lucifer Morningstar outfit will also be perfect for all formal gatherings.

Tom Ellis Lucifer Morningstar Suit

You will always see Lucifer Morningstar in a well-dressed suit. Here is one of the best suits he has worn in the series. This black suit is made up of a high-quality wool blend and has a soft inner viscose lining. The coat has a lapel collar with a front double buttoned closure. It has full-length sleeves with buttoned cuffs and flap waist pockets. The costume includes a coat and pants made up of the same high-quality material. Grab on to this Lucifer Morningstar black suit and make sure to slay all your formal gatherings. This lavish suite will be perfect for you if you want to dress up as Lucifer Morningstar for your Halloween costume. You are keeping it classy and elegant.

Lucifer Morningstar Suit

Lucifer Morningstar Black Suit

Tom Ellis Lucifer Morningstar Dress Shirt

You must have seen Lucifer wearing slim fit shirts inside his coats that gives him the best look. You can now grab on to the same dress shirts. It is made up of 20% bamboo, 75% Tencel, and 5% spandex. The shirt is imported and high-quality. It has a classic collar with a buttoned front closure. It is hand washable and perfect for all formal events and outfits. You can grab on to this shirt in a variety of different colors. Select your preferred color and make sure to make all your formal outfits elegant and classy.

Lucifer Morningstar Dress Shirt

Lucifer Morningstar Dress Shirt (Product Page)

Tom Ellis Lucifer Morningstar Ring

There is one thing that only a true Lucifer fan would notice, and that is the ring on his hand. If you want to be more like Lucifer Morningstar, you need to get a ring like that. It is a ring made up of stainless steel and is specifically for me. The ring comes in different colors like silver, gold plated, and black. Like Lucifer Morningstar, grab on to this ring and pull it off on your elegant and classy outfit. This ring is perfect for all kinds of occasions and gifts. It is durable, fashionable, and is perfect for all men.

Lucifer Morningstar Ring

Lucifer Morningstar Ring (Product Page)

Tom Ellis Lucifer Morningstar Shoes

Having the right footwear is what makes an outfit complete. You can now grab on to these outstanding and elegant shoes, just like the ones worn by Lucifer Morningstar in the show Lucifer. Tom Ellis has pulled off his outfit perfectly, including these shoes. These shoes are made up of high-quality faux leather and have an upper, lace-up closure. It has an inner of textile material with a synthetic sole. It has a flat heel and is durable and comfortable. Grab on to these durable, comfortable, and classy shoes in a variety of different colors. Complete your outfit in the best possible way.

Lucifer Morningstar Shoes

Lucifer Morningstar Shoes (Product Page)

Tom Ellis Lucifer Morningstar Top tie

In a man’s suit, a top tie is a very important accessory. To complete your elegant suite, grab on to these top ties. They come in a variety of different colors. They are made up of satin material and has a size of 8.7” by 8.7”. They have a smooth texture with gentlemen essential. They go with all casual and formal, daily, and occasional suits and would be perfect for all occasions. Grab these in any color you want and complete your Lucifer Morningstar outfit.

Lucifer Morningstar Top tie

Lucifer Morningstar Top tie (Product Page)


Grab on to this Lucifer Morningstar costume and make sure to have the classiest and elegant costume in the room. The costume consists of a coat, pants, shoes, ring, dress shirt, and top tie. Our category also consists of many more costumes belonging to different, popular characters from the industry—surf on our website and grab on the costume of your favorite character. We offer high-quality attires and costumes that are durable and good-looking. So stop waiting and start shopping!