Unique and mystified Fallout’s Joshua Graham Costume


Fallout New Vegas Joshua Graham DIY Costume Guide:

Joshua Graham is a main antagonist character featured in the latest edition of the famous video gaming franchise Fallout, named New Vegas. He is much commonly known as a Burned Man, because he was once drowned in to the deep fires of the cannon as a retribution for getting humiliating defeat in first battle of hoover dam. But he somehow got survived and escaped from that dire vengeance, but in the process lost his face quarterly and then after got ribbed up as an old mummy like face. But this incident gave him the fierce vigilance and he became a brutal missionary and leader of the famous rebel group Dead horses. While apart from in-game presence, the frightening Joshua Graham is a huge anticipation among the Cosplay lovers, as his classical mummy like looks are a high attraction for attiring in fancy gatherings, because it looks
indifferently elusive and an abstract one which stands out from all other glitzy apparels. So the below precised DIY guide is all about getting misty looks like the Joshua Graham and to have unique hazy looks in the Cosplay gatherings which could amaze anyone.

stretch bandage roll

Stretch Bandage Roll (Product Page)

These bandage roll is a very handy gadget to give you exact mummy like looks which amazes everyone and gives frightening shocks to your peers, and make your glitzy appearance indifferently abstract from others in the party.

swat adult vest

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Take on the exclusive tactical styled SWAT vest that is perfectly fashioned with same robust fabrication and bold craftsmanship that makes your character highly strong and sturdy like the real elite soldiers.


Shirt (Product Page)

This elegant white shirt is a perfect crafted apparel to take on with any Cosplay dress or with any other formal apparel to exhibit unique beguiling outlooks. As its subtle tailoring and diligent fashioning speaks volume for itself.


Pant (Product Page)

Make your styling exquisite by taking on this jeans that is precisely fashioned to give your smart extravagant outlooks as its riveting fabrication and sophisticated tailoring gives it a perfect vogue to suit up with any outfit impeccably.


Gun (Product Page)

Complete your armory shelf with this elite air soft desert eagle guns that have been artificially manufactured with robust styling and firm compactness to give your sturdy avatar a profound solid presence.


Boot (Product Page)

Glare up your personified character with this exclusively classical styled cowboy boots that gives perfect embarkation of Joshua Graham’s avatar in fancy parties and makes your appearance highly special among the other fancy newbies.

So if you want to get indifferent fancy outlooks that is comprised of some misty appearance with a bit of classical mummy flare, then you should have to take on this abstract piece of art shown in the above guide. As Joshua Graham is the main antagonist of the famous videogame Fallout – New Vegas, and is been a high center of attraction of many fancy styling enthusiasts. So it is a perfectly compiled DIY Guide that contains all the wearables and apparels worn by Joshua in the latest edition of the game giving hazy outlooks, and a perfect chance for you to follow this one and get exact scary looks like him in the glitzy gatherings. So make your Cosplay choice quick and smart by taking on this obscure outfit that will give unique abstractness to your personality.