A Complete Guide of Jonas Kahnwald Costume


Dark is German science fiction, thriller web television series, it was premiered on 1st December 2017 on Netflix, and it was debuted as the first-ever German-language Netflix original series. The series is co-created by Baran bo Otlar and Jantje Friese.  It has run for two successful seasons, which were much admired by the audience and positively acclaimed by the critics. After the launch of the second season on 21st June 2019, the series was renewed for the third and the last season, which is scheduled to be premiered on 27th June 2020. The series has made a good reputation in comparison to the existing American thriller and sci-fi series.

The series is about the after-effects of a child’s disappearance, which reveals the secrets of a concealed connection between four estranged families. This gradually unfolded into an ominous and evil time travel conspiracy which spanned for three generations, set in the scenario of a fictitious town named Wined, Germany. The story is centered upon Jonas Kahnwald, a teenager struggling to deal with his father’s suicide, a police officer Ulrich Nielson, whose brother was disappeared 33 years ago and on Charlotte Doppler, the chief of police. The story is twisted and complicated as it involves time traveling with complex relationships among the characters of the series.

All the actors have portrayed their roles brilliantly and possess significant characteristic features along with their specific way of clothing. Among these, one of the lead characters, Jonas Kahnwald, portrayed by Louis Hofmann, is top of the list.  Jonas is the son of Michael and Hanna Kahnwald, whose father’s death hit him hard, and becomes more painful after finding his identity. He possesses a very strong, thoughtful, and caring personality. Jonas is significantly recognized through his yellow costume by his fans, who love his character and his acting.

There is good news for the fans who want to get dressed up as their favorite star. But don’t know how to get it. So, no need to worry about that, as we have established this costume guide just for your convenience. We have gathered all the essentials of the costume and where to get them, all in one place. So, come on, check out the stuff listed below, and get started!

Jonas Kahnwald Yellow Jacket

The first and most important component of the Jonas Kahnwald costume is the yellow jacket that he is wearing in the series; here, we have the same jacket for the fans to acquire. This classy hooded jacket is produced from bumble-bee-yellow colored excellent quality polyester fabric, with a soft viscose fabric lining inside.  The jacket is designed with a black lined hood, sewn around the neckline having long sleeves with folded cuffs. It has two buttoned slant waist pockets outside, one vertical zippered pocket on the chest, two pockets inside and a flapped pocket on the sleeve. The jacket is front open with a zipper and snap-buttoned closure. It also has a drawstring around the waist. The jacket is very comfortable and is exactly like the one Jonas is wearing in the series.

Dark Jonas Kahnwald Jacket

Dark Jonas Kahnwald Jacket Product Page

Jonas Kahnwald Shirt

Jonas is wearing a DRI- Equip long-sleeved, moisture-absorbing athletic shirt underneath this comfortable jacket. It is manufactured with 100% polyester, with a polyester lining inside. This men’s wear is available in sizes XS—4XL. This shirt is lightweight and highly breathable, created with moisture-wicking fabric that helps to keep the moisture away from the body along with slim fit sleeves. This beautiful soft shirt is a must buy, if you want to complete your Jonas costume,

Jonas Kahnwald Shirt

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Jonas Kahnwald Blue Jeans

The next most important component of the Jonas  Kahnwald Costume is his Blue pair of jeans he is wearing. Here we have, the USA manufactured,  lovely pair of jeans that are made with 99% cotton and 1% Spandex. It is made with a relaxed fit at the seat and thighs; this classic five-pocket jean comfortably fit on the waist. It is produced with the durable flex denim, which makes them last longer and allows one to move all day comfortably. These stretch jeans are very comfortable and durable, designed with timeless features.

Jonas Kahnwald Blue Jeans

Jonas Kahnwald Blue Jeans Product Page

Jonas Kahnwald Pendant/ Medallion

Along with the outfits that Jonas is wearing, there are some accessories that are important for the completion of the whole Jonas Kahnwald attire. The first accessory is the pendant/ medallion that Jonas wore in the “Dark” series. This medallion is made with quality 925 Sterling Silver material having a sturdy built, highly polished created with advanced electroplating technology leaving a shiny and smooth surface. It is of 0.88(22.4mm) in diameter, with bright letters and religious figures engraved on it. It is available with or without 18 inches long, box link chain. This beautiful accessory will add up a charm to your costume.

Jonas Kahnwald Pendant/ Medallion

Jonas Kahnwald Pendant/ Medallion Product Page

Jonas Kahnwald School Backpack

Last but not least, we have now reached the final component, which gives the completion to our Jonas Kahnwald costume. This last accessory is his black backpack, without which your attire is incomplete. This classic school backpack is manufactured from excellent quality polyester material with an inner soft polyester lining, having one small front zippered compartment on the outer side. This lightweight, durable backpack has a large main compartment with double zippered closure, padded shoulder straps, and has convenient side mesh water bottle pockets. It also has a locker loop or carry-handle at the top of the backpack.

Jonas Kahnwald School Backpack

Jonas Kahnwald School Backpack Product Page

Fans have their significant ways to admire their beloved celebrities; some keep souvenirs, some collect their outfits, and some like to acquire their attire or dress up like them. We specially created this guide to provide a sense of convenience to those who love to collect or wear their favorite stars outfits. Cheer up, fan! As we have enlisted all the essential components of your favorite Jonas Kahnwald Costume, as well as provided links from where you are going to get them all. Now it’s totally up to you how you are going to carry your fandom. Hurry up, wear your outfits now.