Legacies Hope Mikaelson Costume Guide


Legacies is an American TV show. The genre of the show is drama and fantasy. The show was premiered on The CW, the date of the premiere was 25th of October 2018. It is created by Julie Plec. The show is a spin-off of the TV series called The Originals. It has the characters of Vampire Diaries as well. There are yet, 2 released seasons of this show making a total count of 31 episodes. The show stars some of the best actors and actresses including Danielle Rose Russell playing the role of Hope Mikaelson who is a 17-year old, is an orphan, and currently studies at Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. She has the powers of a vampire, werewolf, and witch bloodlines which she got from her parents. The parents are named Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Mikaelson who was introduced in the TV show, The Originals. Other than this, Aria Shahghasemi plays the role of Landon Kirby, Kaylee Bryant plays the role of Josie Saltzman, and a lot more such interesting characters.

The plot of the show

The plot of the show revolves around Hope Mikaelson Legacies, the girl who is gifted with powers of a vampire, werewolf and a witch bloodline is in a school for the gifted. The school teaches the student how to control her superpowers. The school taught her how to control her abilities and impulses as to not hurt herself or others.

The show is loved by the audience and it received positive reviews from the critics. The characters of the show are truly loved by the audience. Apart from the lovely performances of the stars, plot, and graphics of the TV series one more aspect that is truly admired by the audience is the amazing attire of all the characters of the show. These attires are attractive and beautiful. The audience loved them so much that they wanted to have some of them for themselves.

Our category consists of a wide range of exact replicas of the attires worn by the characters in the show. These are high-quality attires which would be perfect for all your casual as well as formal gatherings. Some of the attires from our website are also suitable for your Halloween or costume parties. Grab these now and show your love and support to the amazing show and the characters. Here is the Mikaelson costume that you would love to see.

Hope Mikaelson Coat

This was one of the most highlighted coats in all the attires of Hope Mikaelson. The coat was adored by the audience. This coat is made up of wool material along with a viscose fabric lining on the inside. It has a short shawl cape hood attached to the back of the coat. It has long sleeves with open hem cuffs. The coat has a front buttoned fastening along with a belt strap. It comes in red color.

This coat would be the perfect fit for a costume party if you decide to dress up as Hope Mikaelson. It would also be cool for a casual gathering out to the part. Grab this coat now and show your love and appreciation to the show and to the character herself.

Legacies Hope Mikaelson Coat

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Klaus Mikaelson Jacket

This jacket was worn by Klaus Mikaelson in the TV show The Originals. The show is linked to Legacies. This jacket was a highlighted one. It is made up of faux leather material along with a soft inner viscose lining. It has a quitted asymmetrical biker style and a double style collar. The jacket has full sleeves with zippered cuffs. It has zipper pockets on the front of the jacket and a broad hemline. The jacket comes in black color.

The Originals Klaus Mikaelson Jacket

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Legacies Hope Mikaelson V-Neck T-shirt

This V-neck t-shirt would be the perfect fit for all your casual gatherings. It has a V-neck collar with short sleeves. This is a lightweight t-shirt which would be comfortable for you to wear on all occasions. You can choose up to 10 colors in this shirt. Get your t-shirt now and slay your casual looks.

Hope Mikaelson V-Neck T-shirt

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Legacies Hope Mikaelson Miz Mooz

These boots are the perfect fancy boots that you can own. These are round toe and is made up of genuine leather material. It has a front and inner front closure as well as a laced grommet vamp. The boots consist of a block heel. These are high-quality boots that are perfect for fancy occasions.

Legacies Hope Mikaelson Miz Mooz

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Legacies Hope Mikaelson t-shirt

You can grab this girls’ t-shirt from our category. These are lightweight t-shirts made up of jersey material. It has a waist-length style and consists of a crew neck. The t-shirt has half sleeves and is imported. This high-quality t-shirt would look perfect with any combination. You can choose this shirt from a variety of different colors. Get yours now and slay your everyday!

Legacies Hope Mikaelson t-shirt

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