Classical Hiccup Horrendous Costume Collection


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock is an energetic young boy starred in the famous animated filming franchise How to train your dragon, which got wide acclaim and appreciation from the global audience because of its innovative storyline. He is featured in both editions of the movie as the main protagonist character who has one belligerent dragon accompanied under his fighting armory. Nature wise, he is a very loveable and lively boy who wants to enjoy the life in every means, and bit shy sometimes also. But is also very aggressive and pugnacious whenever he sees any adversary threatening him or his dear country land. Being from a sturdy viking family, his inner instincts are too highly matchable to a viking which he discovers in later part of the film. So while apart from all this filmic scenario, he is also widely anticipated as a perfect cosplay character for fancy themed parties. As his classical viking style looks very unique to many of the retro styling lovers. Hence the below comprised DIY guide engrosses with all the intrinsic wearables. Which are necessary for you to get a robust viking look like the Hiccup Horrendous, and emulate same extravagant retro combatant outlooks in the party.


Hair Wig (Product Page)

This stylish hair wig is the fine embarkation of the Hiccup Horrendous filmic avatar. Which got wide attention from all the audience. As its straight hair edging makes it look highly compelling and modish from others.


Mask (Product Page)

This innovative face cover mask gives exact robust looks like which the old vikings took during the duels. Its knitted forehead and fierce looks makes it to comply best with the Hiccup Horrendous cosplay in themed parties.

chest harness shoulder guard

Chest Harness Shoulder Guard (Product Page)

Make your viking outlooks extremely compact with this shoulder guard armour. That is perfectly made to give dire astounding looks like the old combatant, and to glare up your fancy avatar indifferently among others.

wristband bracelet

Wristband Bracelet (Product Page)

These wristband bracelets are precisely tailored with defiant fabrication to give your Hiccup avatar profound presence and to give your hands a robust look like the classical fighters.

dragon 2 hiccup costume

Dragon 2 Hiccup Costume (Product Page)

Attire on this exquisite Hiccup costume to emulate bold viking appearance in the party. As it is a fine replica of the actual outfit worn by young. Horrendous in the movie with same compact styling and fabrication.

bracelet bangle cuff

Bracelet Bangle Cuff (Product Page)

These uniquely styled bangle cuffs gives your viking cosplay. A profound warrior looks and dominantly enlarges your party presence to be just like the dragon fighter Hiccup Horrendous.


Boot (Product Page)

These retro styled boots are a perfect exhibition of the elegant styling and meticulous designing. That suits perfectly with any cosplay dress as well as could be worn exclusively with formal wearings too.

So if you want to have exquisite retro looks that makes your personality indifferent from the other glitzy geeks in the party, in fact have a voguish edge too in it, then you should have to grab on this classical styled Hiccup Horrendous cosplay to get your inspirations find the right direction. As it is perfectly made with precised craftsmanship that allots it same riveting presence as the real character emulates on screen and gives your outlooks a resounding bold presence. So take on this unique outfitting theme in the next fancy gathering, as it comprises with all the apparels you would love to attire as a classical viking whose persona is unmatchable to any other styling newbie.