Everything You Need to Know About Free Fire Collection


Garena Free Fire is a royal battle mobile game which was developed and published by Garena Studios. The initial date of release of this battle game was 23rd of March 2017. The Garena Free Fire is available for both Android as well as IOS.

For all the gamer out there, it is not possible for them to not be aware of the Free Fire Battleground. In the month of May in 2019, there were approximately over 100 million subscribed users of this game and by the time of November 2019, the subscribed users increased to 450 million and has now crossed about 1 billion users all around the globe.

The Plot

Garena Free Fire Battleground is an action and adventure themed game whose plot revolves around survival. The game starts with a plane full of people who have to choose a strategic and suitable place for them to land on. The game runs in the third person perspective. The players, after choosing a suitable place have to jump there and would safely land at the area. Once they are on the land, they have to look and hunt for medical equipment, weapons and other utilities. The island consists of all the things needed for survival. The goal of each individual player is to survive till the end. Shootouts and killings would be an essential part of the game and all they have to do is to kill other in order to survive themselves.

The game would be of maximum 50 players and consist of a running internet which means online gaming in order to be a part of the game.

Other than the plot, weapons, idea and graphics of the game, there is one more thing that the users are thrilled about and admires. This includes the attire of the players. The amazing attire of the players gives a rough look to the individuals. The attire is also optional for all players which mean they can choose their attires.

Our category consists of a wide range of exact replicas of the attire worn by the characters in the game. You can avail these costumes and attires and show your love and thrill towards the game. These attires would also be a perfect fit for your costume parties this year. Grab these now and slay your looks.

This jacket was worn by the character Maxim in the game. This particular jacket is made up of faux leather along with soft inner viscose lining. It consists of a round collar along with a front zip-up closure. The jacket consists of full sleeves with rib knit cuffs. The jacket has padded shoulders for better fitting and slim look. There are two side pockets on the sides of the jacket and one zip pocket on the left shoulder. It comes in a silver color.

This jacket would also be a pretty good apparel to wear to your casual lunches and breakfasts with family and friends. Get this now and slay your look.

Free Fire Maxim Jacket

Maxim Free Fire Jacket Product Page

As you can tell, this particular jacket was worn by a character named Kelly. This character was adored by the players. This jacket is made up of fleece cotton along with turn down zipper collar and front zipper closure. The jacket has full length sleeves along with rib knit cuffs. The uniqueness of the jacket lies in the print of the sleeves. It comes in a yellow collar with two pockets on the sides of the jacket.

This jacket would be perfect for the girls who wants to give of a rough look. This jacket would be the perfect casual jacket for your evening gatherings.

Free Fire Kelly Jacket

Kelly Free Fire Jacket Product Page

This jacket is made of genuine leather along with soft inner viscose lining. It has a lapel styled collar and front buttoned closure. The coat has full sleeves along with open hem cuffs. It comes in an attractive black color. There are two side pockets on the outside of the jacket along with two inner pockets.

Free Fire fans have finally got a trench coat which they can use easily for all their formal as well as casual gatherings with family, friends or even colleagues. Get this trench coat which would be suitable for all kinds of parties and gatherings.

Rafael Free Fire Trench Coat Product Page

This jacket is made up of genuine leather along with soft inner viscose lining. It has a two belted collar along with front open style. The jacket is sleeveless and comes in a brown color. There is one front pocket on the jacket.

This jacket would be another perfect fit for your gatherings out with friends when you want to make sure to give off a rough look as well as a casual look.

Free Fire Shimada Hayato Jacket

Shimada Hayato Free Fire Jacket Product Page

You can now avail this suit which represents the Free Fire Battleground mobile game. This suit consists of one shirt and trouser. It is made up of fleece material along with no lining on the inside. It comes in black as well as grey color with FREE FIRE sticker on both the shirt as well as the trouser.

You can avail this suit now and show your love and support to the mobile game by wearing it in public. Grab your perfect gaming suit now.

Free Fire Battle Royal Suit

Battle Royal Free Fire Suit Product Page