Suicide Squad’s El Diablo Vicious Warrior Costume Compendium


Suicide Squad El Diablo Costume

El diablo is one of the surprise characters that made Suicide Squad a superhit. He is basically a metahuman with unprecedented fire powers. Not only limited to fire powers, but he is a mystical Warrior From Inside, who tends not to show off much often its real face and mythological powers for the sake of this world. El Diablo Costume has unique attributes for a cosplayer.

white men top

White Men Top (Product Page)

This El Diablo White top is a perfect outfit which gives you soothing touch and slimness so that you can move along easily anywhere. Also its slim fit size and impeccable design makes you feel highly comforting and bolstering.

el diablo jacket

El Diablo Jacket

This El diablo jacket is typically manufactured with intrigue styling and high quality leather. Which makes it look as beguiling and riveting as it appeared on the screen like the real El Diablo Costume. It’s unique black and blue color combination gives this outfit a unique refined touch.


Pant (Product Page)

This El Diablo Pant is a slim fit masterful creation done with high precision to gives you stylish elegant outlooks. It is very casual as well as suits best on formal dresses giving you high flexibility to attire on your own choice.


Shoes (Product Page)

These elegant looking pure white El Diablo shoes depicts the high voguish class it attains within itself. It’s soothing white color with seamless decent fabrication makes these shoes a real worth to have in your hang on styling collection.

So these were some of the El Diablo’s riveting outfits compendium, which has got immense attention towards his character. Suicide Squad El Diablo Costume appears one of the matchless attires. Although he is a fierce and vicious character which could flame-on anything. But the decency in his attires speaks a different story. The story of a comman man Which Lives From The Heart.