How To Dress Like Cursed Katherine Langford Costume


Cursed is a recent American show that has been aired on Netflix. The show has a genre of fantasy, serial drama,    action, and adventure. It is a much-hyped show. It currently has released only 1 season with a count of 10 episodes. Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler create it. The initial date of the premiere of the show was the 17th of July 2020. You can get access to the entire season on Netflix. The show is based on an illustrated novel called Cursed that was written by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller.

The show has received immense love and appreciation from the audience and kind of mixed reviews from the critics. The lead star of the show is the talented and gorgeous Katherine Langford, who has also played a very famous role of Hannah Baker in the Netflix series named 13 Reasons Why. The outstanding performance of all the characters, including Katherine, Devon Terrell, and Gustaf Skarsgard, has been loved and appreciated by the audience.

Apart from the brilliant plot, the direction, action, characters, and their performances, one of the most appreciated aspects of the show is the fantastic attire of the characters. The costumes of the characters play a critical role in portraying the personality of the character on the screen. Our category comprises a wide range of dresses belonging to figures from a variety of movies and TV shows that would be perfect for your cosplay. We also have a lot of attires that are perfect for all casual and formal whereabouts.

Here is the Cursed Katherine Langford outfit, perfect for Halloween and costume parties. Grab on to this costume and make sure to slay on Halloween this year.

Cursed Katherine Langford Cloak

The character of Katherine Langford was loved in this cloak. It was the highlight of all her attires in the season. This cloak is made up of high-quality and soft wool material along with a soft viscose lining on the inside. The cloak has a hooded collar and a front open style along with a string tied on the neck for support. The cloak has no sleeves and comes in an attractive brown color. This cloak would be perfect for portraying as many more characters for Halloween and costume parties. Grab on to this cloak now and make sure to slay all your Halloween costumes this year. This high-quality cloak would come in handy in the future as well.

Nimue Cursed Katherine Langford Hooded Coat

Nimue Cursed Coat

Cursed Katherine Langford Blue Dress

This blue dress was one of the attires of Katherine Langford that came into the spotlight. It is one of the most recognizable and loved costumes of her character. If you are planning to dress up as Nimue for your Halloween, this would be the perfect costume for you. It is made up of high-quality, 100% cotton material and has a soft inner lining for ease and comfort. It is a trumpet-shaped dress that comes in blue color.

It has a broad, round neck with full-length open sleeves. The costume is easy to machine washable but not suitable for drying. Use gently, and the approximate size of the dress is 150 cm measured from shoulder to bottom. Grab on to this dress now and make sure to have the cutest and perfect Halloween costume.

Cursed Katherine Langford Blue Dress

Cursed Katherine Langford Blue Dress Product Page

Cursed Katherine Langford Leather Belt

To conquer the exact look of Nimue from the show Cursed, you need to gather all the necessary accessories. This leather belt that is also a pouch can be seen in the costume of Nimue in the series. You can now grab on to this leather belt and bag. The strap is made up of high-quality and genuine leather along with a flap that covers the drawstrings top. It has full capacity and is suitable for keeping your wallet, phone, and other small accessories. It will fit up to a 3” wide belt. The belt comes in a brown color that is perfectly suitable for the costume. It is approximately 7” wide x 8” tall with a 1” deep gusset. Grab on to this belt/ pouch now, and make sure to complete your costume!

Cursed Katherine Langford Leather Belt

Cursed Katherine Langford Leather Belt Product Page

Cursed Katherine Langford Vest

You can grab on to this costume of Katherine Langford from the show Cursed. This is a two-piece costume that comes with a vest and a pair of trousers. The jacket and pants are both made up of high-quality material and come in a unique khaki color. The jacket has a pointed collar with front buttoned fastening. It has pockets on the front with a classic fit. This would be perfect for all your casual events. Grab on to this set, pair it up with a tank top inside and slay your casual outfit.

Cursed Katherine Langford Vest

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Cursed Katherine Langford Wig

The best disguise for a costume is the hairstyle. If you are planning on dressing up as Nimue played by Katherine Langford in the show Cursed, you need this wig. This wig is made up of 100% polyester and is imported. It comes with an adjustable, comfortable, and breathable cap. It has a pull-on closure and is available in a variety of different colors. The wig is designed and tested. They are perfect for all costume purposes and is easily hand washable. So grab on to this wig and make sure to slay your Katherine Langford costume this Halloween.

Cursed Katherine Langford Wig

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This Cursed Katherine Langford costume is trendy, unique, and would be perfect for all women. Grab on to the accessories and apparel needed to complete the outfit from our category and slay your Halloween costume. You can also surf on our group and find the dress of your preferred TV character. We offer high-quality, durable, and right looking products. Surf all you want and make sure to get the best of the best.