Westworld Charlotte Hale Costume Guide


Westworld is an American dystopian TV series. It is a western and science fiction drama series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The show is based on a 1973 movie called Westworld by Michael Crichton and to an extent to a 1976 movie called Future world which is a sequel of the movie Westworld. The show is produced by HBO and has currently 3 released seasons with a total of 27 episodes. The initial date of release of the first season of the show was 2nd of October 2016. Westworld received immense love and admiration from the audience and received positive remarks from the critics as well.

Plot of the show

The plot of the show begins in the fictional world called Westworld. Westworld is a technologically improved wild-west themed park. The park is used by people who are high-paying guests and who are interested in living their wildest fantasies in the park without fearing the host and their performed retaliation. The hosts are programmed to prevent from harming people in the amusement park.

The show later expands in the plot of the real world. In this world, the lives of every individual is controlled by an artificial intelligent personnel called Rehoboam.

Charlotte Hale is one of the most vital characters in the show. The role of Charlotte Hale is portrayed by Tessa Thompson. The character was married to another character called Jake but divorced and was left with a son named Nathan. The character is loved by the audience and has been always admired for her performance. Another most admired aspect of this character is her attire. The audience has adored her attire throughout the series and demanded some of them for themselves as well.

Our category consists of a wide range of exact replicas of the attires worn by the characters. These are high-quality attires which would be perfect for all your casual as well as formal outings. Grab your favorite attires and show your love and admiration to Charlotte Hale as well as the show.

Charlotte Hale Coat

This coat is one of the most highlighted and adored by the audience. This coat is made up of comfortable cotton blend along with a layer of soft viscose fabric on the inside of the coat. The coat is collarless and consists of an open front with a hook fastening. The coat consists of cloak style slit sleeves with two welted pockets on the outside of the coat and two pockets on the inside of the coat. The coat is specifically designed for women and comes in a cream color.

Westworld Charlotte Hale Coat

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Charlotte Hale Wig

If you are planning to dress up as Charlotte Hale as your Halloween character, here is the perfect accessory for you. Grab this Charlotte Hale wig now and wear it to give off the perfect Charlotte Hale look. This wig is made up of synthetic fiber and consists of an adjustable cap which would fit your head regardless of the size of your head.

Charlotte Hale Wig

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Charlotte Hale T-shirt

You can now avail this perfect plain t-shirt exactly as the one worn by Charlotte Hale in the series. You can choose this t-shirt from a vast variety of different colors. It is made up of 100% jersey cotton. The t-shirt would be suitable for all your casual gatherings as well as your inner for many outfits. It is a high-quality, imported attire with a carefully, sleek stitching.

Grab this t-shirt now and make all your casual gatherings comfortable yet classy by wearing this. If you plan on dressing up as Charlotte Hale for your Halloween party, this shirt would give the perfect Charlotte look compared with the rest of the accessories.

Charlotte Hale T-shirt

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Charlotte Hale Pants

You can now avail these amazing straight leg pants exactly like the one worn by Charlotte Hale. These pants are made up of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. These are high-quality, imported pants with comfortable and straight stitching. It has a front zipper closure and is approximately 0.7 inch high and 14’ wide. These pants are easy machine washable and would be the perfect choice for your work events.

Grab these pants now and wear them for all occasions, casual, formal, or fancy. These would be the suitable choice for all your events. If you plan on dressing up like Charlotte Hale for your Halloween party, this is the perfect pants for you to wear.

Charlotte Hale Pants

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Charlotte Hale Heels

All your outfit won’t pay off well if you don’t wisely choose a good footwear. Here are the heels worn by Charlotte Hale in the series Westworld. If you are planning on dressing up as Charlotte Hale as your Halloween character, this is the perfect footwear for you.

These heels are 100% synthetic with a comfortable synthetic sole. It is a high-quality footwear and is imported. The heel measures approximately 2.75 inch and would be the perfect height for all your fancy gatherings. It has a flexible outsold and would be comfortable to wear for long events.

Charlotte Hale Heels

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