Best Alien Masks & Costumes to Storm Area 51 Martian Cosplay Guide DIY Props


“Must read Caution – This Area 51 Alien Cosplay guide Martian Costume getup is just for fun and for teaser entertainment purposes. We are only willing to add side-splitting fun to another potential American Holiday Season phenomenon – Saving the Aliens Day, Human-Alien Friendship Day, or Area 51 Aliens Day, etc. Name it any US Federal day off for costumes cosplay getup occasions, but always remain safe and follow rules of your country. Thank you.”

The Storm Area 51 became the talk of the town, well at least on the internet. It was all started by a 20-year-old college student named Matty Roberts; a resident of Bakersfield, who was behind the plan to storm Area 51. And he is now saying the idea was just a “pun intended” scheme as to look cool over the internet. Don’t forget guys that Area 51 is the top-secret U.S. Air Force facility long associated in the public mind with aliens and UFOs. Last month, Roberts launched a Facebook page he called “Storm Area 51.” Who knew that 3 million people would be signing it to go there and “save them, aliens. They can’t stop all of us.”

Looks like every person who has signed for the so-called “alien rescuing petition” are emotionally disturbed like Tom Hardy’s Marvel Venom character or they are going for revenge against Alien Predators who once attacked their families in the past. Haha!

Speaking such, aliens have become quite a popular thing, to the extents that now space creature are now thought to become an integral part of the U.S. pop culture. So, here are the best Alien masks you can get to Storm Area 51 – at least in your Dreams!

Cheap Price Realistic Alien Masks & Props


Area 51 Alien Mask realistic for adults’ Martian looks

Kids green alien mask under $10 Amazon

Cute Alien glasses

Creepy Alien hands prop

Webbed alien hands

Alien Star Wars Yoda hands with claws

Scary Alien parasite virus in Man’s chest suit cosplay costume

Creepy Alien mask for night parties

Realistic Alien latex mask ($50 + Shipping)

Venom Alien latex mask

Adults Alien Predator Masks

Funny Alien rescuing man in Area 51 cosplay costume suit

Serial Killer Insane Face Mask Halloween Realistic Human Flesh Cut Latex

Alien Robot costume on Amazon

Alien Squid mask

Creepy Clown Mask with LED lights Scary Halloween Joker face makeup style

Doctor Who Movie Halloween Cosplay Props Horrible Ood Latex Octopus Mask

Alien Face Hugger Xenomorph mask

Slenderman Alien mask

Tactical Alien mask

Eyes protection Alien synthetic armor mask

Doctor Who alien mask Do It Yourself UFO Mask DIY printable mask Head Pdf Download, Paper

Women Alien Queen robe suit costume

Scary Alien Masks

Painted Chuthulu Mask- Wearable

Latex Creepy Geezer Mask One-eyed Alien mask

Details about Alien Mask Gray Purple Eyes Roswell Latex Brain Halloween Costume Space Prop

Unique Alien Full Mask- Latex

Alien ghoul monster mask prop

Silicone Gothic Witch Mask Dark Elf Queen Hand Made, Halloween High Quality, Realistic

Regan Full overhead Latex Mask

Bloody Zombie Clown Scary Mask Melting Face Latex Costume Halloween Holiday

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