5 Types of Artificial Nails 2019


Good clothes, perfect footwear, on-point make-up, perfectly made hair and last but not the least, sleek nails! This is what you need to slay your look, ladies! You can’t be fully dressed until you have each and every aspect of yourself covered. Nails are one of the most important parts of a lady’s appearance when she decides to doll up. When you wave someone, shake someone’s hand, greet someone or even physically meet someone, your hands get noticed in the first 2 minutes. Why risk your entire amazing personality just because of dirty or undone nails?

Having nails on sleek is one of the most difficult parts of your getting ready. Nails never grow in the perfect shape by nature and it’s a problem with everyone. We are here to inform you about the different types of nails that you could try on to get the perfect finishing touch so you can slay your day!

Acrylic Nails

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Acrylic nails are one of the most amazing designs of nails. Acrylic nails are made over the original nails which look gorgeous if you do it the right way. You can create aesthetic acrylic nails by mixing polymer powder with a liquid monomer and just applying it on your nail. The mixture will take around 15 minutes to harden up.

After this, give your acrylic nails the favorable shape and use any shiner and nail color you want to over it. That would make your nails all buffed up and beautiful. Acrylic nails are the hardest and strongest of all other nails. They stay longer than the rest of the artificial nails. One can also paint different colors all at once or paint different designs like stars and hearts on the nail to make it look unique.Gel Nails

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Gel nails are another type of artificial nails, these look comparatively more natural and prettier than acrylic nails. They are created by polymer resins which are further hardened by ultraviolet light. These nails are a little expensive compared to the acrylic nails and they aren’t as durable as or stronger than acrylic nails. Although, the UV gel is usually left to grow with the natural nail. It can also be removed with the help of no-light gels which are basically an alternative to UV light-cured gels. After the gel on the nail is hardened, one can paint different designs and color different nail paints on the nail to make it look pretty and unique.

Sculptured Nails

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Sculptured nails are made by applying a specific gel over the actual nail. The nail is then shaped and sized as per the desire. A small piece of foil is used to support the shaping of the nail. Later, a light pink colored gel is used to cover the base of the nail. The nail is further shaped in the best possible way. The nail is then coated with either nail polish or shiner to make sure the gel is hardened and on the nail perfectly.  In order to make it more pretty, different designs are painted on the sculptured nail.

Nail Wraps

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Nail wraps are another way to make artificial nails that are long-lasting and natural-looking. Nail wraps are an early way of artificial nails, it is made of thin products made from paper, silk, linen, mesh or other fabrics. A nail wrap is done on the nail and then shaped so it would easily look natural. A nail wrap lasts for about 2 weeks if applied and used with extra care. When the nail starts to grow again, the nail wrap needs to be changed again.


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Press on nails is one of the alternates of artificial nails that you can use if you are in a hurry or in need of immediate action. The press-on nails look comparatively more artificial than the other alternatives. You can find it in any drugstore easily. These nails are temporary and easy to remove, on the other hand, they are inexpensive and can be used regularly. You can apply these press-on nails yourself, at home. They are quick and easy to apply too.